In normal development, most children have incontinence of urine during sleep disappears by 6 months. When the child turns a year and a half, cases of incontinence are episodic, and involuntarily to write at night the child at all stops.

Causes of urinary incontinence in children

Causes of daytime enuresis, there are several. As a rule, it is connected with different kinds of congenital or acquired mental diseases, disorders of brain and spinal cord, dysfunction of the brain, dysplasia of urogenital system or severe psychological trauma.

In children, incontinence of urine day most common mental disorders.

Before you begin treatment, daytime enuresis, it is important to establish the exact cause of this disease.

Methods of treatment of daytime enuresis in children

In cases of infection of the urinary tract, and in the presence of the child neurotic daytime enuresis is pharmacological treatment method. There are different regimens of drugs which is mandatory to appoint a specialist.

Correctly-chosen remedies for the treatment of daytime enuresis is able in a short period of time to ensure full recovery of the patient.

Exists and non-drug treatment of daytime enuresis in children is the physical therapy: acupuncture, laser therapy, music therapy, and other methods of influence on the nervous system.

In severe diseases simultaneously can be used medicamental and non-medicamental methods for the treatment of daytime enuresis.

In the presence of a child of neurotic disorders as part of an integrated treatment performs psychotherapy. In this case, the specialist will give advice to parents how to behave towards the child suffering from enuresis will help to prevent the child from negative feelings arising in each case of incontinence. In addition, the specialist will teach you how to get rid of daytime enuresis using simple psychological methods of influence.

In the suppression of spontaneous emission of urine may be effective and diet. It is a specially composed menu, limiting fluid intake of the child throughout the day.

Treatment for daytime enuresis perhaps with the help of folk remedies. They suggest the use of various herbs and infusions. You should pay special attention that before the treatment the popular methods you should consult with your doctor. It is not necessary to self-medicate, as not all herbs have the same action on different organisms.