Today, vaseline is widely used in various fields of human activity. First of all, vaseline is used to create a protective barrier for the skin that helps to retain moisture. It is especially popular in the wind and cold weather. In addition, this tool soften rough skin on heels and elbows, and also knees. But to judge about this amazing tool is not necessary so one-sided. It is universal and very human needs.

Vaseline for clothes

Not less popular is a tool to aid in donning and wearing tight clothing. In order to avoid inertia and skin irritation from friction synthetic tight jeans can be used in narrow spaces vaseline, then wear will be able to slide, which in turn, will relieve the wearer from irritation and rashes. The same technique can be used in many other cases.
In cosmetics vaseline remains one of the universal tools that helps solve many problems.

To extend the influence of the spirits enough before they are applied to lubricate the skin area with vaseline and sprinkled with fragrant perfume, then during the day caused the aroma will maintain its initial freshness.

In recent years, the vaseline was used for peeling. If you mix this ingredient with salt, it would make a great scrub. This remedy will not injure the skin surface as a vaseline great slips, and the salt acts as an exfoliating component.

Vaseline to help women

Also use vaseline for removing makeup. If a flannel cloth to apply the petroleum jelly, you can get a great tool for removing makeup. This substance is perfectly removes even waterproof make-up and bronzer to tan, which is often removed much more complicated than a lipstick or shadow.

Vaseline essential in the solution of another common problem. Quite common for women - adhesion cover, closing the bottle of nail varnish to the bottle. Sometimes it happens that because of such trouble thrown away a good Polish. But do not hurry. Enough to put on the neck of the jelly and the lid will Unscrew. This method is applicable for any home cans that have a tendency to open.
The use of petroleum jelly and possibly for other purposes. It can be used to remove wood furniture, with ground-in stain. After the treatment the furniture will be once again clean.

The industry is also not without vaseline. It is included in the composition of the different lubricants that are designed to protect metal products from corrosion.