You will need
  • pan, a sieve, wooden Board, microwave
Thoroughly wash the bottlesthat you intend to sterilize. Check that they did not have chips, cracks and other defects, otherwise bottles may burst when heated. Prepare a pot with clean water. Put on top of a metal sieve or a grating of metal, for example, the bars from the oven. You can use any delimiter.
Put the saucepan on the fire, on a sieve (grid) put the bottle up bottoms. When the water boils, begin the process of steaming. Enough fifteen minutes. A couple of drops that have occurred inside the bottles to drain. After the time remove the bottles and put them on a clean towel, without turning. Before that towel is better to iron iron at high temperature.
If you want to simplify, you can use a different method. To do this, put in a saucepan a clean wooden Board. On it place the bottles and fill them completely with water. To glass items rattled and pounded when boiled, put them with a clean cloth. Boil the bottles for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then carefully remove the objects from the water before it cools down. For this you can use a thoroughly washed salad tongs.
To avoid large number of open steam can sterilize the bottles in the steamer (if, of course, you have). Wash bottle and place in the steamer. Turn on the mode of cooking for fifteen minutes. Wait until time passes, and remove the container. Lay it on a clean towel and cover the ironed cotton cloth.
If you don't have a steamer, but a microwave, can use it to sterilize glass containers. To do this, pour into bottle some water (on the bottom) and put in microwave with a capacity of 700-800 watts for a few minutes. Wait until the water boils, and five minutes after that, the sterilization is over.