Vaseline is of three kinds: technical, medical and cosmetic. Technical used in industry to protect metal parts from moisture and as a lubricant for the impregnation of electrical insulators. Medical vaseline used as a protective and emollient, and also as a base for medicinal ointments. The tool eliminates small cracks on the skin, making the surface softer after the negative impact of sun, frost, wind. Vaseline is also used to protect the mucosa from injury during the application of the vapor tube or enema.
Vaseline is used for the manufacture of cosmetic products. In pure form it is used quite rarely, as it clogs the pores and impedes the access of oxygen to the skin. Vaseline and products based on it are hypoallergenic and safe for the body, they fight against premature skin ageing and the appearance of age wrinkles. A similar effect is achieved through their ability to create a protective film on the surface of the skin, preventing dehydration of the tissues. In the composition of cosmetic products vaseline does not interact with other substances, it can penetrate the skin more resistant to damage. Since cosmetic petroleum jelly has restorative properties, it is used for massage, after exfoliation treatments or dermabrasion.
Using petroleum jelly can protect the nasal mucosa from drying out when cleaning dusty areas or during allergic reactions. If it is applied in a thin layer on the skin and mucous membranes of the nasal cavity immediately before the contact with detergents and cleaning products, you can get rid of the irritation and flaking of the skin. Vaseline can be applied to remove even the most persistent cosmetics. However, to apply it for removing makeup with caution, avoiding contact with mucous membranes of the eye. After the procedure, the remnants of the vaseline should be removed from the surface of the skin, they can cause morning puffiness.
Vaseline will help to effectively combat wrinkles, for this purpose it is mixed with aloe juice in a ratio of 1 to 2. The resulting mixture should be applied on the face for 20 minutes, then wash off the mask and rinse face with cool water. To make a nourishing mask for lips, you need to combine the petroleum jelly with almond oil or honey. If you regularly lubricate with vaseline the skin of the hands and feet, it will stay soft for a long time. Before bed can be applied on hands and feet thin layer, and then put on cotton socks and gloves. During the night, the vaseline will be absorbed, and in the morning your skin will become smooth.