Why you need a needle Vidal

Needle Vidal is a beauty tool, one end of which is loop and the other needle. It is used for mechanical cleaning of the face and ears. Currently, this device is considered the safest, there remains a strong damage, scars and redness. The first working surface of the tool – needle, used for piercing skin in order to remove the white (fat) acne and deep acne. The second working surface hinge – Vidal. It is used to remove black spots acne and regular acne (comedones). Needle Vidal cannot be used daily, even under severe acne. In this case it is used once in 2-3 days.
The needle is used only if the pimple fully matured (visible white head). Then the pus is removed completely, and the skin damage will be minimal.

Cleaning your face with a needle Vidal

Cleansing the skin with a needle Vidal is better to do in the evening before bed, then the next morning on the face will not remain any traces. To remove acne is less painful, you need to make steamed mask. It will prevent the formation of sores. Before the procedure thoroughly wash hands and wipe them with alcohol or disinfectant gel.
With rosacea the skin to steam is impossible.

Before using the needle Vidal should be thoroughly disinfected. For this lowered work surface in a container of disinfectant solution or with alcohol. After that you can pierce the pimple. Then disinfect the other side where the loop. It removes pimple completely. The loop is placed on the surface of the skin so that the acne was in the middle of the loop. Then you need to gently put pressure on the pimple in such a way that its contents came out, and the skin is not injured. When using loops you can't have too much pressure on the skin, otherwise there will be bruises and bruises.

If the inflamed follicles do not leave the pore, it is ripe, in this case, you need to repeat the procedure after 2-3 days. After removal of the pimple the wound is smeared with alcohol. For more rapid healing of the skin using tea tree oil, which has healing and disinfectant properties. After cleaning, it is desirable to make nourishing or soothing mask for the face or lubricate the skin with a decoction of chamomile or succession, has healing and soothing effect.