Paraffin oil is included in the kits for the newborn. This is not surprising. The digestive system of a baby is imperfect, but because colic is bothering almost every kid under the age of one month. To alleviate the condition of the crumbs, you can use the vapor tube. Apply a paraffin oilmeters, then enter into the anus baby. Oil facilitates sliding, resulting in discomfort from the procedure is minimal.
Paraffin oil can be used for skin care of the baby. Lubricate them axillary and inguinal folds crumbs to avoid diaper rash and dry skin.
Paraffin oil is widely used when conducting medical procedures in adults. They lubricate enema tip prior to the procedure bowel cleansing.
Effective treatment of bronchitis are medical banks. However, in their formulation the risk of burns. That is why before the procedure, lubricate the back of paraffin oilM.
To alleviate dry skin can also use mineral oil. Heat it to 37°C, soak it in cotton wool and lubricate scaly. Paraffin oil well heals small cracks on hands and chapped lips.
In chronic constipation paraffin oil ingested. Shake the bottle before using the medicine. Drink a tablespoon of paraffin oil twice a day, or two tablespoons a time. Continue treatment for 3-5 days. More prolonged use may lead to malfunction of the intestine and deficiencies.