Introduction of tampons

Tampons – is a convenient and hygienic remedy of girls and women from wearing uncomfortable pads during the days of menstruation. They were invented for these purposes, and during the intermenstrual period, wearing them is not recommended. To the use of tampons did not cause discomfort, they should choose according to absorbency. This selection criterion is determined by the number of drops indicated on the packaging. So on different days of the menstrual period should use the appropriate swabs (the more drops on the package, the more selections will be able to absorb a tampon).
To use tampons you can even virgins, because they easily penetrate into the vagina through a hole in the hymen.

Very easy to use hygiene products with the applicator. Their introduction will be a comfortable position sitting on the heels. Further, one swab was removed from the packaging and hold it with thumb and middle finger down the rounded end to the entrance to the vagina. Then a slight movement of the index finger to press the applicator on top, the type of use of the syringe. Proper introduction of a tampon it will be inside of the vagina to a sufficient depth, the applicator will slip out, and will only thread that in the future you will need to retrieve.

For the introduction of a tampon with no applicator its rounded end should be inserted into the vagina and a finger to push away until he hit the cervix. This can be determined easily, because then the tampon can no longer move.

What time of wearing tampons is considered safe?

Keep hygienic tampon inside the vagina for more than 6 hours should not be. The ideal option would be change every 4 to 6 hours, depending on the abundance of the secretions.
After birth to use tampons to absorb vaginal bleeding is not recommended. Better for this purpose to use the pads, the top layer of which is made of soft cotton.

Many women wonder is it safe to go with the tampon constantly in "critical" days and could they to sleep. No contraindications on this account gyno, but some experts recommend alternating the use of pads and tampons. The main thing is to prevent finding a tampon in the vagina for more than 8 hours.

Sleeping with the tampon is very convenient because you do not have to worry about that with the extra gesture will be soiled linens. In the morning it must be removed to make the toilet of the external genitalia and you can enter new, or to use the gasket.

If removing a tampon is difficult, so it is not soaked. The recommendation is to use a tampon with less absorbency.