What is the tampons

Modern tampons – dense oblong cylinders, pressed from bleached and processed absorbent soft substance. They are administered into the vagina, where the absorption of the menstrual secretions. Tampons come with an applicator without it.

There are four types of personal care products. Lites for minor secretions, Regular for moderate, Super moderate and for heavy and Super plus for very heavy.

The first tampons invented the American doctor Earle Haas. It happened in the 30-ies of the last century. But the popularity they gained only in the 80-ies.

At the end of the 20th century there was a scandal over the death of several women. The reason for this was the use of tampons. The study showed that their use creates favorable conditions for bacteria and highlight their toxin. But now the probability of toxic shock is reduced to zero, because for the manufacture of "cylinders" were used viscose and cotton.

It is important to know that tampons do not damage the hymen. During menstruation a hole in it increases and it becomes more elastic. But it is better to use tampons Mini and, of course, to consult a gynecologist.

It may seem that the swabs are large. But don't worry. In fact, it is small and does not harm the health of girls.

Change the tampon every four hours. No need to leave it in the vagina for a longer time. You immediately enter another, while respecting the hygienic rules.

Gynecologists recommend not to use tampons constantly. The best thing to do in case of emergency: swimming, traveling or playing sports.

How to enter a tampon

The first step is to buy a pack of tampons. It is important to note that these hygienic means should be without chemical treatment. And it is advisable to choose with the applicator because they're easier to enter.

Find a comfortable position for insertion of the tampon. Some feel comfortable to do it standing, others squatting or putting one foot on the toilet. The main thing – to relax the pelvic floor muscles because of their tension may complicate things further actions.

Grab the applicator with thumb and middle finger at the level of the end of the wide part of the applicator. With his free hand to spread open your labia and enter the free end of the wide part of the vagina.

Slowly insert the applicator until such time as the fingers touch the skin of the perineum. With the forefinger push down on the free end of the narrow part of the applicator. Now the tampon is at the desired depth of the vagina and can't accidentally fall out. It remains only to carefully remove the applicator and check the thread. She should stay outside.