What are the benefits of tampons?

Tampons have several advantages over pads:
- the tampon is virtually invisible under clothing, but because it is very convenient to use in the summer when you want to wear a short skirt or tight trousers;
is the personal care you can apply when playing sports, visiting the pool or going to the beach;
tampons do not irritate skin and do not interfere with the movements;
such personal care products are relatively safe.

Is it possible for a tampon to lose their virginity?

Mainly concerns about the use of tampons by girls at the beginning of the menstrual cycle affect the risk of damage to the hymen. In most cases, such fears are groundless.
A tampon is a cotton tube, which is twisted by special technology. When you create such personal care products include the physiology of girls and women, so tampons are the most convenient and comfortable.

The fact that 90% of the girls in the hymen is a physiological hole, the diameter of which is about 15-20 millimeters. In turn, the maximum possible diameter of the tampon can reach up to 15 millimeters.

In addition, during menstruation, the hymen is under the influence of hormones becomes more elastic, allowing the possibility of rupture is minimized. Therefore, the risk to lose their virginity from using a tampon is very unlikely.

The opinion of doctors about the use of tampons by virgins

Although the manufacturers of these personal care products argue that tampons are the smallest sizes ("mini") can be used from the first menstrual period, doctors suggest to use them only a few years after the start of menstruation. By this time the cycle will be regular, and the amount of discharge is fairly predictable. Then we can choose the most appropriate means of hygiene.
Manufacturers of personal care products to recommend virgins to choose tampons with a small diameter and with the applicator, to ensure ease of administration.

However, most gynecologists do not see any serious problem, can virgins wear tampons, if the exact observance of the instructions for this product.

Before using the tampon as a virgin must carefully study the detailed guidance. A guide attached to each product container. It details how, under what angle and at what position you need to correctly insert the tampon. In addition, required to comply with basic recommendations for the use of such means to change them every 3-4 hours, and alternate with pads.