Advice 1: Can I use tampons as a virgin?

One of the most popular questions that virgin is if they use tampons during menstruation. With sanitary pads are generally pretty easy - just need to attach them to the panties from the inside. But other hygiene products, tampons, wrapped in various myths, sometimes groundless and absurd.

Can I use tampons as a virgin?

What are the benefits of tampons?

Tampons have several advantages over pads:
- the tampon is virtually invisible under clothing, but because it is very convenient to use in the summer when you want to wear a short skirt or tight trousers;
is the personal care you can apply when playing sports, visiting the pool or going to the beach;
tampons do not irritate skin and do not interfere with the movements;
such personal care products are relatively safe.

Is it possible for a tampon to lose their virginity?

Mainly concerns about the use of tampons by girls at the beginning of the menstrual cycle affect the risk of damage to the hymen. In most cases, such fears are groundless.
A tampon is a cotton tube, which is twisted by special technology. When you create such personal care products include the physiology of girls and women, so tampons are the most convenient and comfortable.

The fact that 90% of the girls in the hymen is a physiological hole, the diameter of which is about 15-20 millimeters. In turn, the maximum possible diameter of the tampon can reach up to 15 millimeters.

In addition, during menstruation, the hymen is under the influence of hormones becomes more elastic, allowing the possibility of rupture is minimized. Therefore, the risk to lose their virginity from using a tampon is very unlikely.

The opinion of doctors about the use of tampons by virgins

Although the manufacturers of these personal care products argue that tampons are the smallest sizes ("mini") can be used from the first menstrual period, doctors suggest to use them only a few years after the start of menstruation. By this time the cycle will be regular, and the amount of discharge is fairly predictable. Then we can choose the most appropriate means of hygiene.
Manufacturers of personal care products to recommend virgins to choose tampons with a small diameter and with the applicator, to ensure ease of administration.

However, most gynecologists do not see any serious problem, can virgins wear tampons, if the exact observance of the instructions for this product.

Before using the tampon as a virgin must carefully study the detailed guidance. A guide attached to each product container. It details how, under what angle and at what position you need to correctly insert the tampon. In addition, required to comply with basic recommendations for the use of such means to change them every 3-4 hours, and alternate with pads.

Advice 2 : Harmful for hymen tampons

Tampons is a very convenient and hygienic tool that allows women during menstruation to play sports, swim and lead an active lifestyle. Therefore, virgin also want to use them, but stopping them is the fear that tampons can damage the hymen.
Harmful for hymen tampons
Swab called the female hygiene, which is elongated absorbent material that is inserted into the vagina. The use of tampons is surrounded by many myths and untested opinions. About tampons say that they lead to fainting, cause erosion of the cervix, toxic shock syndrome, disturbance of bacterial flora of the vagina, and most importantly, can damage the hymen, in fact, deprived the girl of virginity. But if we apply this means of hygiene rules and choose the appropriate-sized swabs, the risk of damaging the hymen is very small.

Tampons and virginity

Hymen is a fold of mucous membrane in the vagina girls have not yet had sexual experience. It is located at the entrance and has one or more holes through which vaginal or menstrual discharge. Typically, the width of these holes is one and a half inches, which allows you to swab even the ordinary small size to penetrate freely into the vagina without defloration. In addition, girls in puberty hymen becomes more elastic, it is well stretched, not damaged, and the introduction of the swab is not painful. And during menstruation the edges of the hymen is additionally stretched so that the blood could flow. Remove the tampons are usually too easy, even virgins, as they increase in length and width remains almost unchanged. So most girls you can use this hygiene product without the fear to break the hymen.

Virgins use tampons small size to avoid discomfort when using them.

The risk of damage to the hymen tampons

However, in some cases swabs can be harmful and dangerous to the hymen. Virgins recommended before using tampons to consult a gynecologist. The fact that all the different structures of the body, and an elastic hymen with a wide, stretchable holes are not observed in all girls. Shape and size of the hymen are very different: in some cases it is very dense and not elastic films with very small holes sufficient for the passage of menstrual blood, but not enough for gentle insertion of the tampon.

In such cases, the use of this hygiene can actually lead to the violation of virginity: if not during the introduction, during wearing or removal.

If the gynecologist gave permission to use tampons, but with the introduction you feel pain or discomfort, it is not necessary to use them. Buy tampons smaller and try again or defer the use of this funds until you begin to live a sexual life.
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