Advice 1: What age can use tampons

Tampons are convenient to use, suitable for any type of Laundry and eliminate many of the inconveniences that occur in women during menstruation. But young girls and especially their moms, concerned with the question of what age is it appropriate to use them.
What age can use tampons
Young girls often choose tampons as a means of hygiene during menstruation. They can be used with any age after the onset of menses. However, there are some nuances that you need to know to use tampons uncomfortable and will not cause harm.
A tampon can be used even in the first period. Despite all the existing myths, he can't get stuck or get lost, fall out or cause a fungal infection.


In women who had not had sexual intercourse, the vagina is covered with virgin hymen. This thin membrane has small holes for the discharge of menstrual blood. It is quite elastic, so even very young girls to use tampons is not prohibited, because the tampons are small enough to damage the hymen. However, due to the features of the young organism to insert a tampon may not be so simple. Nowadays manufacturers offer a wide choice of hygienic means including a line for teenage girls. Choose tampons specially designed for virgins - they are more narrow - or use a small amount of lubricant to enter the tampon. It is also important to position the tampon correctly. A good option is tampons with a special applicator. They will help to introduce the tampon deep enough that it doesn't interfere while walking. If you do not feel the tampon inside of yourself, so you did the right thing.
Toxic shock syndrome - the disease is not contagious and cannot pass on to loved ones. However, it is assumed that even after treatment remain in the blood of toxins. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the disease will not occur again.

Toxic shock syndrome

This is a rare but potentially dangerous disease is often associated with the use of tampons. It is believed that his controversial Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium lives on the skin, feet, nose and vagina. Most people in the blood has antibodies that protect against toxins. For some reason that is still not fully understood, prolonged tampon inside the vagina can cause toxic shock. The higher absorbency tampon, the higher the risk. Therefore it is better to choose tampons with a lower absorbency and change them often. The tampon you should change not later than six hours after administration. The symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are similar to flu symptoms. This sudden high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, dizziness, possible redness of the skin as sun burn. If you have such symptoms, immediately remove the tampon and call an ambulance. The sooner treatment is started the better.

Advice 2 : How to choose the size of tampons

Tampons – a very useful invention. Is a convenient alternative to the classic strips. With their help you can not to defer access to the pool and not feel any restrictions when playing sports.
How to choose the size of tampons
In the period of menstruation tampons allow women to wear thin underwear, transparent dresses, tight-fitting swimwear and jeans.

Characteristics of tampons

Tampons are made in thick cylinders made of special soft material, with thread on the end. They are intended for introduction into the vagina during the menstrual cycle. Due to their absorbency they don't give the selection to get out.

There are tampons, scented with various odors, but if a woman has an Allergy, such tools are not recommended for use. Also in assortment there are tampons with applicator, which is very convenient when introducing them into the vagina.

All pads vary in the degree of absorption, the intensity which is indicated on the packaging in the form of droplets. The more drops the higher the ability of the tampon to absorb. Recommended for each day of the menstrual cycle to use the tool with different rates of absorption. There are special pads for night use.

The choice of tampons

In the case when the woman first decided to use tampons, doctors recommend to choose the minimum size. Typically, the package is referred to as "mini". Normal size, "normal", also may be suitable. Funds of this size will be easier to enter the vagina.

When after some time the woman notices the flow of the ball or his lack of effectiveness, you should try a size "Maxi". Some women, immediately after trying this size, on it and stopped.

Using tampons

In each package with the tools is detailed instructions, which having examined, you need to pay attention to the information on removing a tampon.

To make you only need clean hands or with an applicator.

Change the tampon is required every four to five hours, with more frequent need to replace, you should try a tool with a greater degree of absorption (number of droplets).

There are three most popular brands of tampons:

Tampax – first tampon that appeared in the consumer market. Make them out of cotton with addition of viscose. Available with applicators, allowing you to enter them without breaking the rules of hygiene.

Kotex are made from fibers of viscose, which gives the media a great deal of flexibility. Such tampons are fixed tightly, taking the form of the body.

o.b. – have the ability to support vaginal microflora. Tampons are equipped with spiral grooves on the surface, which protect from possible leakage, and silky surface, easy to insert and remove.
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