Birth control tampons

Spermicidal tampons is a very convenient contraceptive, to prevent ingress of the area of the uterus for sperm. They represent pads of cotton or gauze with dimensions of 5x2.5 cm. Such tampons soaked nonoxynol-9.

Before you enter a tampon into the vagina, it is necessary to moisten it with water to the foam. Thus, you activate the spermicidal active substance. A moist swab can be entered manually, but more convenient to use applicator.

Pull it is also not difficult – just pull the sewn thread. Most importantly, perform all the actions carefully so as not to damage the contraceptive.
After intercourse, the tampon can not get out of the vagina for another 2-6 hours (depending on the manufacturer).

The advantages of the tampons:

you can stay inside a woman for 24 hours, and all this time, they will retain their contraceptive properties;
- cover the cervix, thereby preventing the penetration of sperm inside;
- absorb the sperm and vaginal discharge;
- reduce the risk of Contracting chlamydia and gonorrhea infection;
- protect from germs;
is not felt during sex and cause discomfort to partners;
- tampons can be inserted in advance.

Disadvantages of tampons:

- do not protect against most sexually transmitted infections;
- there is a risk of allergic reactions, dryness or itching in the vagina.
If these contraceptives cause you allergies, it is enough just to stop using them, and side effects disappear.

The contraceptive sponge

Vaginal contraceptive sponge is a small sponge made of synthetic fibers, containing collagen and spermicides. Sponge soaked with cream, so they are very soft and comfortable to use. In their characteristics they are very similar to birth control tampons.

Sponges appeared in 1983 in America. They immediately became very popular. The demand for them is explained by the fact that birth control is harmless, reliable and has a prolonged action (24 hours). On top of that the woman is not required to pick your size, all sponges are produced the same.

At one end of each sponge is specially made with a small notch, through which the contraceptive is well placed on the cervix. At the other end there is a ribbon of polyester fiber, for which you need to pull to get the sponge.

Sponges and tampons is a fairly effective method of contraception, especially if they are combined with other types of contraceptives. They are sold in any drugstore and OTC, but their main drawback is the high price.