The menstrual cycle in all women is different. Its duration varies, the feelings associated with it, and the amount of bleeding. But life does not stand still, and it is natural that even in these times want to live a full life as possible to minimize discomfort.

Suitable personal care products

Depending on the characteristics of the organism and quantity of discharge during menstruation, should choose comfortable suitable pads or tampons. It is better to give preference to the thin and flexible strips, based on, transforms the absorbed liquid into a gel, and always with the "wings". Pay attention to the treatment: it must pass the selection inside the strip, and not allow them to get back. Tampons also makes sense to choose with a special coating which ensures good protection and does not cause irritation.

On personal care products to save foolish: products of reputable, well-established companies is more expensive, but the quality of it is appropriate. During menstruation it is advisable to provide yourself with the opportunity to test or replace the pad (or tampon) about every three hours. Depending on the individual characteristics of that time can be more or less. If you plan a full day, and the chance to retire is not guaranteed, it will not hurt to use a strip in combination with a tampon. It gives a very good level of protection and almost completely eliminates the "leakage", but when the occasion arises, the pad must be replaced.

Physiological methods of protection

It is important to remember that especially many selections happens when you get up after long sitting. For the same period of time in a standing position, the risk of leaking is less than if you are constantly seated. It is not necessary to do gymnastic squats, especially with a broad statement of the feet. In order not to intensify the selection, in this period it is advisable to wash in lukewarm water, avoiding hot showers and especially baths. Physical activity, if the condition is not contraindicated, but they are excluded except squats, jumping and twisting.

To guard against unexpected leaks, if the month is not too stable and may start a day or two earlier 4-5 days before the expected start of cycle wear daily. Always and in any case, keep a good pad or tampon.