Can I take a bath during menstruation

As you know, during menstruation it is best to limit intake of warm but not hot shower. Should not soak in the tub, although sometimes it is because you want to. Stay warm or worse, hot water could easily trigger increased bleeding, and due to the fact that during menstruation the cervix is slightly open, you can get some kind of infection, which will further lead to gynecological disease. If you still can't resist taking bath, pre-podmates cool water and refrain from adding in water of different salts and impurities.

Is it possible during menstruation to swim in a pool or natural body of water

In cool water to overheat impossible, but it is in the public-accessible reservoirs increased risk of infection. Also, bathing during menstruation is contrary to the aesthetics, because spotting will fall into the water, and after you leave a reservoir on your body can be traces of blood stains. Here can help only those hygiene products like tampons.

The swab is placed directly into the vagina only during bathing, and then remove it. If you experience swelling of hygiene during your stay in the water, not worth the wait, and it is better to leave the pond in order to remove or replace a tampon.

For girls-virgins there are special swabs-mini they can safely use, as they do not violate the integrity of the hymen. But from water entering the tool will not protect you, it will only act like a sponge, just to absorb within the moisture.

With great care should be taken to bathing in stagnant ponds in such places is usually a large crowd of microbes that can cause unpleasant gynecological diseases. Also care should be taken to swimming in the pool, there can be sensors that react to urine, it will be very embarrassing if they would work.

Recommended time in water is not more than 20 minutes, as hypothermia may begin an inflammatory process. Thus the woman may not feel how cold that water is? It turns out this is due to the fact that the surface of the uterus is not protected by a mucous membrane, therefore, more susceptible to hypothermia. Moreover, the inflammation will not start immediately, period asymptomatic leak is from 3 to 7 days. Still doctors strongly recommend the first three days of menstruation to wait to swim.