You will need
  • wax;
  • - strips of fabric;
  • seal;
  • - depilatory cream;
  • - razor.
Waxing, in contrast to other methods of hair removal provides the most lasting effect. This procedure can be done not only in salon but also at home. To do this, take cosmetic wax and heat to the desired temperature, apply a uniform layer on the region of the bikini area. Then cover the wax with strips of fabric, hold the skin with one hand and quick movement remove the strip against the hair growth. Repeat the procedure several times. In this way the skin becomes soft and smooth, for this effect you can endure the pain.
Laser hair removal of the bikini area requires careful and careful attitude, therefore, is solely a specialist in the cabin. Unwanted hair removal by the laser eliminates the harmful effects on the skin. It does not leave any pigmentation spots, scars and burns. During the procedure you will feel only a slight tingling sensation, but the effect lasts up to six years.
Use a typical epilator for hair removal in bikini area. Of course, the procedure is not pleasant, but will have to wait. Wet the groin area after taking a shower. Then disinfect the skin and start waxing. Move the clipper against the hair growth, you can reduce the pain, if the skin a little pull. The effect of this method of hair removal lasts for two weeks.
There are a huge number of creams for hair removal. Chemical substances not only dissolved the visible part of hair, but also affect his neck. With this in place of hair removed do not remain black spots. Apply the cream evenly on the area of the bikini area and leave it on for a certain amount of time (specified in the instructions). Then remove excess cream with fallen away hair with a special spatula.
For mechanical hair removal, many women will use a conventional razor. But this method is ineffective, because after just a couple of days on your cock grows stiff bristles, and we have to resort again to remove it.