The machine on the day of sex. The easiest, affordable and fastest way to get rid of hair in unwanted areas is to remove them using razor. This applies to both intimate areas and underarms, and legs. And, of course, this method is suitable for both women and men. Unfortunately, it has a significant disadvantage – not long-term. Machine shaved hair grows back the next day in the form of unsightly and prickly hair, regardless of what kind of place was shaven.
To make the cabin a little manscaping. This option is a variant of "unisex". Before the first sex with a particular partner don't have to do something extravagant. Quite a simple hairstyle. For example, a thin strip of pubic hair in girls.
A good option is professional hair removal in the bikini area. It must be done several days before sex because the skin is likely to redden and swell, become overly sensitive. This method is suitable and girls, and young people. It is more expedient to carry out the procedure in the salon, where the master is all right to handle, making epilation less painful. The result lasts a long time – from a week to two. Perhaps we should wait once, but then not have to worry about shaving, no matter the sex or not.
Sugaring as an option, too, is the place to be. Of course, the shave is a little true, but is also a good way to get rid of hair in unwanted places, be it the bikini area, underarms or legs. It is noteworthy that the melted sugar doesn't cause skin discomfort. And, then, to carry out the procedure can take several hours before the anticipated sex. After shugaring hairs grow back slower than after the machine, and be much softer. In addition, the result lasts a long time – 1.5 weeks on average.
It is important not only to choose the method of shaving, but spend it right. First, you need to be very careful not to cause yourself even minor injuries. Secondly, don't use any additional funds. For example, creams. Freshly shaved skin in intimate areas can occur redness and irritation from them. And this before sex sure nobody wants.
Men should think about shaving the face before sex. Not all girls feels when their skin touches the bristles. Method shaving depends on the man: some people prefer disposable or reusable machines, someone razors, and someone shaver. Ask your woman what her taste: bristle or smooth face. Only then decide the issue of shaving.