Waxing is a pretty common method, though very painful. Hair removal by hot or warm wax. Hot wax depilation is a complex procedure that is best left to professionals, otherwise there is a risk of a burn. During waxing the skin is very hot, so the pores are opened and hair are removed less painfully. Soft waxing can be done at home, but twice to apply the wax in one place is impossible. And this is extremely inconvenient, as there can be unwanted hair. Waxing is good because hair starts to grow only after 3 weeks.
Another method of hair removal - sugar waxing. It is similar to wax, but in this case uses a thick sugar syrup. This method does not cause allergies and is very affordable.
Also a very common method of hair removal is shaving. It can easily implement on their own. But you must be careful not to cut yourself. You need to shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving is better to use special gels, and then lubricate the skin with mineral oil to relieve your skin from irritation.
The most painless method of hair removal is the use of special creams. The procedure is quite simple: you have to put on a cream, to distribute its cosmetic spatula and wash off after the time specified on the package. The tool should be just for bikini area. But this method of hair removal has a drawback: after three days the hair will start to grow again.
For hair removal you can use a special tweezers. But this procedure is extremely unpleasant and time-consuming. Also, the disadvantages are growing more thick and coarse hair than it was before.
You can use the epilator, but to cope with the removal of hair on intimate area is quite difficult. This method is more suitable for epilation of the legs.
In the salons offers laser hair removal. This is a very expensive procedure, but it eliminates unwanted hair permanently. It is necessary to conduct a series of treatments to remove all hair.