Advice 1: How to make a bikini wax

The hair removal in the bikini area is one of the most unpleasant and painful types of hair removal. There are many methods of combating the hair, so modern women are interested in how to make a bikini wax as efficiently and painlessly.
 How to make a bikini wax


Hair removal in the intimate area razor

The easiest way to remove hair in the bikini area with a razor. However, the effect of shaving does not last long - the treated area turns into a spiny hedgehog in a few days. Often the skin irritation.

To get rid of pesky hairs in the intimate area for a couple of weeks, we should make a bikini waxing.

The use of epilator for bikini area

One of the most common methods of hair removal bikini area at home - remove hair by plucking from the special tool. Modern epilators have a lot of special attachments that reduce the pain. Among them, massage cushions, cooling gloves, rollers for lifting the hairs. As plucking takes place against the hair growth, a serious drawback of this method is growing into the skin. In addition, to make hair removal of the intimate area by this method alone can not every woman. This is not only severe pain, but from a purely physical inconvenience for such a procedure.


A popular method of hair removal in the area of panties is the bikini wax. Cold and warm wax (using special strips) to carry out the procedure at home. To do this, they need to be warmed up in hands in a water bath or in the microwave (according to instructions), applied to the area of hair removal, Pat and rip against hair growth. Removing wax is much faster than using the epilator, but the pain is not less, often even more.

Hot waxing is less painful due to the fact that pores expand when heated and the hairs come out easier. However, this procedure is carried out in the home is not recommended because of the high likelihood of burns.

After wax treatments also appear ingrown hairs, in contrast to increasingly popular lately, shugaring.

Sugar hair removal bikini

When sugar waxing hair plucked against growth, and therefore is applied to less damage of the hair pouch. Sugar paste shugaring can be done by yourself or buy. To do sugaring at home is much more comfortable than waxing. Therefore, if you do not want to seek help, it is better to do a bikini waxing this method.

Creams and lotions for hair removal

To remove hair in the intimate area can and chemically. This method is very convenient for use at home and often brings pain. Depending on the chosen cream, ointment, lotion the result lasts from two to ten days. To remove unnecessary hair is very simple, you only need to apply a special solution to the bikini area, to maintain in accordance with instructions for use a certain time, especially to remove with a spatula and wash off the tools. Drawback of chemical hair removal is not always uniform removal of hair, by using a more gentle and inexpensive means of stiff hairs remain in their place. Also a good products have a significant cost.

The hair removal in the bikini area forever

There are ways of hair removal for a longer period. Among them, laser, enzymatic, electrical, ultrasonic and photo-epilation. All these methods allow to get rid of hair in bikini area forever, however, require large expenditures of time and money, and are not suitable for everyone.

During enzymatic hair removal intimate areas on the skin under the influence of high temperature is applied to special enzymes that destroy germ cells, after which the hair is easily removed with warm wax. This procedure is contraindicated in the presence of skin inflammation, tumors and similar diseases. To make enzyme bikini waxing is mainly in large cities, because due to its high cost wide dissemination of this method has not received.

Electric hair removal - a special kind of hair removal in the bikini area. The hair follicles affected by high-frequency current, after which the hairs can be removed easily. Each hair must be expended from 20 to 60 seconds, but because this procedure requires a lot of time. The first time to stop the growth of unwanted hair will not work, will need about 6 treatments with an interval of one to two months. Electrolysis bikini area has a lot of side effects: ingrown hairs, folliculitis, burns, hyperpigmentation, scars. In some cases, the follicle can Wake up again. For curly hair current not acting at all.

Laser hair removal intimate areas can only be carried out on dark hair. The follicles stop working only after a few sessions, so having decided to get rid of unwanted hair using this method, you should also have patience and cash. The list of side effects significant. It is itching, swelling, redness, burns, hyperpigmentation.

Bikini epilation is carried out using an impulsive light. During the procedure, the hair bulb is destroyed completely. The effect can be achieved after one and after a few treatments. Among the advantages we can distinguish the painless method, and the ability to simultaneously clean hair from large areas of skin. But this method is not for everyone, but also quite expensive. It is impossible to carry out the procedure on tanned skin.

If you decide to do the bikini wax is one of the methods listed above, be sure to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Advice 2: How to do waxing in bikini area

Waxing the bikini line is an essential procedure for some women, especially in the summer. Others prefer not to touch anything and leave everything intact, but the hair and tend to look out from under the swimsuit. If you want to become for my man attractive, waxing bikini area will be for you interesting and important process.
How to do waxing in bikini area
You will need
  • wax;
  • - strips of fabric;
  • seal;
  • - depilatory cream;
  • - razor.
Waxing, in contrast to other methods of hair removal provides the most lasting effect. This procedure can be done not only in salon but also at home. To do this, take cosmetic wax and heat to the desired temperature, apply a uniform layer on the region of the bikini area. Then cover the wax with strips of fabric, hold the skin with one hand and quick movement remove the strip against the hair growth. Repeat the procedure several times. In this way the skin becomes soft and smooth, for this effect you can endure the pain.
Laser hair removal of the bikini area requires careful and careful attitude, therefore, is solely a specialist in the cabin. Unwanted hair removal by the laser eliminates the harmful effects on the skin. It does not leave any pigmentation spots, scars and burns. During the procedure you will feel only a slight tingling sensation, but the effect lasts up to six years.
Use a typical epilator for hair removal in bikini area. Of course, the procedure is not pleasant, but will have to wait. Wet the groin area after taking a shower. Then disinfect the skin and start waxing. Move the clipper against the hair growth, you can reduce the pain, if the skin a little pull. The effect of this method of hair removal lasts for two weeks.
There are a huge number of creams for hair removal. Chemical substances not only dissolved the visible part of hair, but also affect his neck. With this in place of hair removed do not remain black spots. Apply the cream evenly on the area of the bikini area and leave it on for a certain amount of time (specified in the instructions). Then remove excess cream with fallen away hair with a special spatula.
For mechanical hair removal, many women will use a conventional razor. But this method is ineffective, because after just a couple of days on your cock grows stiff bristles, and we have to resort again to remove it.

Advice 3: How to use hair removal cream for bikini area

There are many types of hair removal bikini. One of them is the use of a special cream. This method is quite simple and gentle, but for its successful use should know a few rules.
How to use hair removal cream for bikini area

The tool

Hair removal cream breaks down the keratin layer of hair, which in the processing of just dissolves on the skin surface and is easily removed from it under the influence of water and spatula. Hair removal cream doesn't leave stubble like shaving, and the skin stays soft and smooth longer.

Hair removal cream is widely used for hair removal from the legs, but for bikini area, you need to buy a special cream designed just for her. The fact that the skin on the feet is many times rougher than the tender and delicate bikini area, and even the most gentle cream for removing unwanted hair from your legs is not suitable for this purpose.

Choosing a depilatory cream for bikini area, reinsurance is: even if your skin is prone to allergies and irritation, select a means for extremely sensitive skin. Don't forget to test the purchased product: to do this, apply it to the skin on the crook of the elbow (in that area the skin is about the same thin and sensitive as the bikini area) and ten minutes later rinse. If 12 hours is not an allergic reaction, then you can use a depilatory cream.
If your skin is very sensitive, try using products intended for the face - their composition is softer than for bikini area. However, this option is suitable only to owners of fine hair.

The process of hair removal

Approximately one day before the procedure the skin should scrub with a soft scrub and warm water. It will make the hair a little softer to remove, and will also help them to get rid of dead skin cells around them: hair removal would be more complete. Do not use soap immediately before the procedure, since the presence of alkali will adversely affect the natural balance and protective barrier of your skin.

Means of hair removal you need to apply an even layer to cover all the hair. It in any case should not RUB! For application be sure to use a special spatula, which you have to remove the hair after the cream. Ensure that the cream did not get on mucous membranes - where he is likely to cause irritation.
Some manufacturers produce depilatory cream in spray form and with the special soft sponge instead of a spatula. This sponge is also easy to remove the hair, removing the cream with gentle circular movements.

It is not necessary to overdo the cream, in most cases, its effects should not exceed three minutes. Gently tap, swipe the wand against the hair growth, removing the cream. After you're done, thoroughly rinse the treated area with lukewarm water and gently Pat dry. It is not necessary to RUB your skin, enough to make the towel a few times. Do not use any cream with fragrances, and even hypoallergenic soothing cream can be applied just about half an hour.
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