Refer to the beautician, if you have the money and time. Photoepilation – the most common and effective way to remove unwanted hair. After a series of treatments, the vegetation will start to fall. So the amount of light destroys the hair follicles, they should not reappear even after a long period of time.
Contact a appliance if the epilation you are contraindicated for any reason (diseases of the skin, internal organs, cancer, etc.). As regrowth remove vegetation in the area bikini. If places remained single hairs, visivite them with tweezers.
Buy a hair removal cream. If you often appear irritation and redness, stop your choice on a tool that is designed for sensitive skin. Read the instructions for use. Apply the cream to the problem area and leave on for 5-7 minutes. Remove the all of the tools a shovel, or rinse off under running water. Procedure is carried out every 1-2 weeks. Over time you will notice that the hair began to slowly grow.
Remove hair on the line bikini machine only in extreme cases. If a few times forshavingXia, the vegetation will only begin to grow faster and become more hard. To avoid ingrown hairs in the skin that often occurs after using the machine, apply the body scrub. Re-vegetation of the "delight" you with their appearance after a couple of days, so you have to repeat the procedure.
If after the hair removal at home you have severe redness or burning, go to the salon. You will make an intimate haircut, which will persist up to several weeks. At the same time will delight and loved by such beauty.