Whether to choose a mini dumbbell

To build a truly harmonious shape takes time. It may take not only months, but years. Mini-dumbbells for this case will not fit. They are only good for aerobics. If you are not going to engage in power loads, feel free to buy a mini-dumbbell. Otherwise, note the collapsible models of dumbbells. The fact that the muscles relatively quickly become accustomed to the load, ceasing after a while to react to it. With the mini dumbbells you will strengthen your body to a certain extent, and further achievements will require a more heavy shells. Besides, with small weights you are unlikely to reach the perfect shape.

How to pick up a dumbbell

Good dumbbell for fitness to choose the best, thinking of himself, not as a girl and as an athlete. These sports equipment vary in type, weight, ease of grip. The ideal option would be portable model, they allow, if necessary, to adjust the load. They are of two types: classic and variable weight. The first option implies the presence of the fretboard which I can hang the pancakes a weight of from 0.5 to 10 kilograms. The pancakes are fastened with a special lock. Spitted them in the right quantity, you will get exactly the load you want. Dumbbells with changeable weight have a special round of mini-discs with detent.
Be sure to purchase locks or clamps for free weights, or the exercises, especially dynamic, will be traumatic.

For home use, ideal first option since it is accessible and economical. First of all, you can always buy the necessary weights at a sports store as a rod for pancakes – not a deficit. In addition, you can always take in addition to dumbbells neck and to expand the set of performed exercises. The advantage of the second type of dumbbells is that they are usually more comfortable. In particular, their neck to a delicate female hand more convenient.
Buying additional stamp for pancakes, you can diversify your workout with new exercises.

Beginners in sports training is usually the desired weight within 3 kg, but this is enough for a month or two. Continue to improve the results (for example, lunges and squats) are used weight 3 to 7 kg. the best option may be to consider a set of pancakes that will allow you to vary the load from 2 to 10 kg per dumbbell.