Exercises with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells is the fastest way to make strong hands. They can take advantage of both the man and the girl, and even a child of school age. For exercise pick up a dumbbell, appropriate weight.

Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells pull in front of chest. Exhaling, lift your arms up on the inhale, lower them to the starting position. Movement do not try to do it quickly. Perform 10 lifts.
When performing exercises with dumbbells keep your backs straight.

Hands lower along the body. Exhaling, raise your hands, placing them parallel to the floor surface. On the inhale again, lower. Perform 10 lifts.

Stand up straight, hand position at chest level, elbows slightly bend. On the inhale the arms extended, exhale, return them to their original position. Exercise repeat 10 times.

Feet position shoulder width apart, body tilt forward, knees slightly bend, hands with dumbbells lower down. Exhaling, bend your elbows, point them upwards, pull the dumbbells to your chest. On the inhale straighten your arms, lowering them back down. Exercise repeat 10 times.

Stand straight with feet place shoulder width apart, arms bend at the elbows and hold the dumbbells in front of your chest. Exhale, straighten your right arm in front of you, inhale back. With the next exhale, extend your left arm. Perform this exercise 10 times with each hand.

Strength exercises without weight

Up against the wall face, down at her palms, feet slightly apart. Distance from the feet to the wall about 40 cm, that was easy to overcome. Exhaling, bend your elbows and bring your chest to the wall surface. On the inhale straighten your arms and return to starting position. Perform 15-20 push-UPS.

Original position change: the right hand put behind his back. Exhaling, bend at the elbow left hand, hold this position for 3 seconds. On the inhale straighten the arm. Exercise repeat 5 times. Then, on the surface of the wall place your right palm and your left hand put behind his back. Follow these 5 approaches.

Get on all fours, hands place on the floor at shoulder level. With an exhalation lift your knees off the floor and try to straighten the whole body in a straight line. In this position, "straps" stay as long as possible, breathing evenly. When the hands get tired, inhaling, lower the knees on the floor and get some rest. Try to take another rise, when the voltage of the hands will go.
Holding the body in position "bar", follow the lower back, not prohibite it strongly.

Sit on buttocks, palms, place around the back on the floor, legs pull. With the exhale, lift your pelvis, lean on your palms and toes. Hold the position for 7 seconds, breathe normally. The breath sit on the floor. Run the upgrade again.