Deciding to deal with them, you probably were thinking about purchasing dumbbells: how to do the exercises? Besides the lion's share of video courses for weight loss also offers to take in hand weight to increase the load. But once in the sporting goods store, it is possible to get lost: there are separate instances for 0,5,1,5 kg and above, and entire sets, each dumbbell which can hold 20, or even 60 lbs. Are bright, fluorescent and metallic options. What do you choose?

First of all, you should decide what type of dumbbells you need. There are two main types: solid and collapsible. From the title it is clear that solid are a vulture and weighting fused into a single structure; their weight cannot be changed. Collapsible, in contrast, is more reminiscent of the designer: they consist of a neck and a separate disc-pancakes different weight and size. Clipping on the neck discs, you can increase the weight of dumbbells up to a maximum of 60 kg.

Which of the two types of shells are necessary for you, determine just. For starters, ask yourself how you will train.

Weight loss is your primary goal. If you plan to do on the course, you will need dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg, and possibly lighter. For reviews of those involved in sport programs such as "Lose weight with Jillian Michaels" or "Envy" when in the beginning of the workout pound dumbbells seem almost weightless, towards the end it felt like a significant weighting. By the way, for cardiogenetic the only solid options. Because the workouts are aimed at burning excess volumes are intensity, you do not have to worry that the pancakes will spread out to the sides at Mahe.

I'm afraid that will get used to these dumbbells and will soon have to buy a new one? Your fear is groundless: the addiction will only happen after a couple of months of daily training, not before. At that point, you will likely need is not so much changing the weight of weighting how much the selection of a new program that, first, diversify your workout, and secondly, will cause the body to work harder, so you burn as many calories as in the previous stage of training. If the change of course does not help, then can buy new dumbbells - but they need to be heavier by 0.5 kg, maximum 1 kg.

The construction of a new body - the purpose of your workouts. You are a supporter of strength training and the training plan to significantly increase muscles to create a strong muscular corset, and thus to pull the body. In this case the best choice - collapsible dumbbells. They will allow you a couple of minutes to increase or reduce the burden: it is to work out the triceps you don't need the weight to perform lunges, pull and presses. Patterned options suitable for those who plan to train with the whole family. If women need small weights (maximum 10 kg), that men, as a rule, suitable in weight from 5-10 kg and above.

As for the material of the weights, we first must pay attention to the fretboard. Ideally it needs to be rubberized: this will prevent slipping from the hands of dumbbells. If the neck is covered with plastic or made of iron, and besides, with anti-slip notches, in addition to dumbbells immediately purchase gloves. They will reduce slide and protect the delicate skin of the hands from blisters.

Look at the wheels - the weights on the neck. Have cast dumbbells they can be octagonal, it is convenient: the dumbbell will not roll away. However, higher than the weight of the dumbbells, the closer to a circle should be the form of pancakes: train with a displaced center of gravity more difficult.

The disks composing the dumbbells variety of forms not encouraging. They are classically round. But the height of them varies. Be careful to iron models. First, they ring when punches and when placing it on the floor, and if the coating is uneven, it easily ukatyvayut. In the end, the presence of iron dumbbells may well complicate your relationship with your downstairs neighbors.

The paint also does not save from trouble, besides with time it may begin to fly around. Ideally, the pancakes stacked dumbbells should be covered with material that resembles rubber. This will reduce the "sound" of the workout and also protects the floor of your apartment from damage.

When buying dumbbells need to be kept from the love of sales: specimens weighing 60 kg at the price can be lower than 10 kg. And it is not that cheaper by the dozen. Just in a second embodiment of detail will be more in the 60-kilogram models, a "step" between the discs can be 5 kg, 10 kg and 10-kg - 0.5 kg and 1 kg (which means that there will be easier to choose the right load).

Sports equipment can not buy, just look at the advertising picture. You must hold it in my hand. And dumbbells are no exception. Because the diameter of the neck can vary from 10 to 30 mm, and it can be different shapes - straight and curved. All hands are different - there are girls with young, almost children's handprints, and there are beauties with broad brushes. If you order weights over the Internet, at least find sticks of different diameters and hold in his hand, simulate the execution of the exercises and determine which stamp it is.

Pay attention to the length of the fretboard. Too long to work uncomfortable, even though it allows you to hang a sufficient number of pancakes. Ideally, it is necessary to understand what weight training you are willing to walk, and depending on that calculate how many disks should fit on the fretboard.