You will need
  • - dumbbell;
  • - the bench.
Push-UPS are focused on the muscles located on the side of the shoulder. For this exercise take a classic stance: put your hands shoulder width in the floor, legs straight, with your feet on tiptoes. Back and legs should form a single straight line. Lower torso up until chest almost touches the floor, then force the muscles return to the starting position. Do three sets of ten times. During exercise try to keep the abdominal muscles tense, and your back straight. If you are heavier than classic push-UPS, reduce the load resting on the knees, not at the foot.
A great exercise for triceps – dips. For exercise you need a bench, sit on it and place your palms shoulder-width apart, fingers grasp the bottom bench, and the feet in front of him. Slightly pull the buttocks forward in front of the bench and sink down, bending your elbows back. When the shoulders become parallel to floor, return to starting position by the force of the muscles of the hands. Repeat the exercise ten times in three sets.
Pick up dumbbells in the two to three kilograms and stand up, place your feet shoulder width apart. Slightly lean forward and put your hands back to the shoulders become parallel to floor and forearms were slightly down. From this position lift the dumbbells at the expense of the extensor muscles of the hands and hold the highest point for a couple of seconds. Then lower the dumbbells and repeat ten to twelve times. During the exercise keep the elbows pressed to the body.
Alternate bending of the arms with dumbbells aimed at the muscles of the front of the shoulder. Stand up straight, place your feet at shoulder width, hands hold a dumbbell. Slowly raise the left dumbbell, additionally squeeze the bicep at the top your palm is facing your chest. Slowly lower your left hand and simultaneously raise the right. Continue to alternate lifting hands, until you do ten to fifteen repetitions. During the exercise keep the elbows close to the torso.