In order to workout beneficial and fun, it is important to choose the right ball for fitness in accordance with your height and complexion. Balls for fitness come in different sizes – the diameter varies from 45 to 85 cm depending on size, the ball can withstand the various load – small balland kept 300 kg and can withstand large loads up to 1000 kg.
Choosing a fitball that focuses on your individual parameters. Sit on a gym ball and see if your hips at the same level. If the ball fits you in size, the hips should be either on the same level with the knees or slightly above knees. The difference should not be large, so for small not too large ballI.
The rigidity of the balland pick in accordance with their wishes, the stiffer the ball, the more resistance you will experience while training. If you want to workout was easier, choose a soft ball, which is recommended for beginners.
If your height is below 150 cm, you will approach the ball with a diameter of 45 cm Balls with a diameter of 85 cm suitable for very tall people, whose height reaches two meters. For the average height will approach the balland of intermediate diameter.
Inflating the ball, do not fill it with too much air. When the optimal level of nagatoshi, the ball will consistently hold you when you sit on it. Sit on the ball and check whether it is convenient for you – if you roll, so the ball has peredali. If you, on the contrary, fail, then the ball is inflated enough.
The quality of the material from which made the ball, it is also very important for further work to note whether the material is the most durable and elastic. If the ball is punctured, at this level of elasticity, he deflates and does not explode, and that makes it safer.