In Ganesh and weights the most important thing is the weight, not their form. Yes, they are made to snugly in the hand. But if they are not at hand, to find adequate replacement by weight will not be difficult.

What can replace dumbbells

Experts claim that dumbbells can easily replace conventional books. It is enough to take up volume Povestea, and we can start classes. Especially to find a heavy book almost any house will not be difficult. This is due to the fact that most have not yet switched to electronic reading and often keeps the house somewhat thick and heavy dictionaries.
Choosing books in order to build muscles, be careful. After all, there is always the risk that the publication is valuable. In this case it is better not to experiment, try to look for something more popular.

However it is worth considering that this remedy is not universal, as not particularly useful during exercise to keep the book, and even several in the hand while trying to perform prisady, bends, turns etc. So you have to stop at little options. And benefit from these are not so much.

Alternatively, dumbbells can replace conventional plastic bottles. And it will be preferable to borrow books. First, they form a more convenient and close to dumbbells. Secondly, they are easier to regulate weight.

To a plastic bottle turned into a dumbbell, it is enough to fill them up with water or sand, depending on how much weight you need for training. So, beginners in fitness suitable containers in pint or liter. Those who have long practice sessions in the gym, it is better to choose bottles of 1,5-2 l

Also can as dumbbell to use regular bricks. But then you should be prepared for the fact that they can crumble to dust, and generally not particularly fit well in hands. If absolutely no alternative is to break the bricks in half, so they at least will be easier to hold.
Remember that the brick – the material is quite soiled. So before you start training, it is advisable to wrap it in cellophane or a rag. Otherwise, you risk after a workout to stain the floor and himself.

What you should consider

Of course, it is understood that this is a forced measure, and simply helps you to stay in shape in situations where the usual equipment is not at hand. However, experts suggest to find a way out. For example, you can buy a spare set of dumbbells and put him in the trunk of the car. So it will be always at your fingertips.

If this is not possible, try to find out where to equipment rental. In a pinch you can buy used equipment – it is much cheaper than a new one.