You will need
  • - inkjet or laser printer;
  • - cardboard;
  • a digital typewriter.
To realize the printing on the cardboard within the office or at home buy inkjet or laser printer with the most direct path of paper. Such a printer receiving and loading chutes should be in one line with horizontal loading of the sheet. This is necessary because due to its rigidity, the sheet of cardboard does not bend, moreover, it is easily deformed. As a rule, on the printer you can use a piece of cardboard up to 3 mm thick.
Before you begin, you need to evaluate the capabilities of the device, seen in of the user, with some range of densities it works. In case a laser printer, the settings you need to set "print on cardboard" and use the top paper tray. If this is not done, when printing on the sheet will be black bars.
You need to understand that conventional printers are not designed to work with cardboard and even if we manage to hold a tight sheet, helping his hands, and to image, then most likely, it will lead to the breakage of the device, not to mention the fact that the paint is wet. It's important to note that no budget model can't work with cardboard and thick paper.
If there is a need for large format printing on the cardboard, then use the digital printing machine. Typically, these services provide the printing. The printing machines are divided into digital and offset digital, in addition, on the sheet and roll the car. Those and other machines working with cardboard. You can avoid many manual operations inherent in the conventional printing processes, thanks to new technologies.
The whole process of printing digital machine is controlled by computer. This significantly increases the capabilities of the machines. There is a possibility to make changes in the process of printing how often need, changing almost every instance; the possibility of immediate printing and printing the test print. Digital machines use the technique of laser printing.
To implement printing, you need to specify the necessary settings, load paper and run the process. Modern digital machines offer high quality and speed of printing.