Principles of selection

Choose a paper should be, focusing on the type of business cards. For business fit tight bright paper. If you want to stand out or to emphasize the refinement, you can get textured or pearlescent paper. Personal cards allow some freedom, they can be printed on paper with a rough texture, it is acceptable to use exotic options, such as velvet paper.

Choosing unusual paper, ask yourself whether it is necessary? If you don't know exactly what you need, it is recommended to use matte paper, high density: it is a versatile option that always looks expensive and stylish.

Coated paper

Coated paper is the most common and versatile option, it looks good any information. This paper is matte or glossy. Glossy paper usually has a density of from 180 to 300 g/sq. m. It is quite affordable, it looks great uniform background fill.

Matte paper is not only non-shiny surface, but is more dense, from 250 to 300 g/sq. m. It looks a bit quieter and more solid than the glossy one.

Textured paper

Textured paper is embossed with a subtle texture or surface. It is very pleasant to the touch option. You can choose different textures: canvas, leather, fabric figure or linen. For business cards it is better to take a small texture, it is sometimes acceptable to use the average. Large texture is suitable only for those who understands why they need it. Textured paper can have a different color, for business cards normally use cream or white options.

The disadvantage of textured paper that the fill is uneven, in some places there are "failures". This is due to the characteristics of the paper itself. When printing it is recommended to make a trial copy to see how the paint lies on the surface.

Mother of pearl paper

Pearl paper has become especially popular in recent years. It is well suited to people who want to emphasize their independence and confidence. Business card on such paper with one hand looks like a classic, on the other - has a special charm, it is pleasant to the touch surface. Pearlescent paper is usually pretty thick, from 200 to 300 g/sqm.

Velvet paper

An unusual variant on the velvet paper. She is incredibly pleasant to the touch, but quite expensive. In addition, the print technology it is too expensive, the conventional method does not fit here. But if you make business cards on a velvet paper, you can be sure that almost no one will have anything like it. Usually on a velvet paper printed using foil. The smaller font and the more detail you give, the better chance to get small marriage when printing.