You will need
  • heavy paper or cardboard, printer
First you need to buy paper. It should be dense and opaque. The best option to a density of from 250 to 300 grams per square meter. Sell special paper for business cards.
There are various ways to print business cards. One of the most simple and accessible to everyone - to make a card in Microsoft Word. To do this in a blank Word document, add table.
Select in the options table under "height: 5 cm, column width: 9 cm This is to ensure that your card had a standard size, so your teammates can put them into standard business card holders. The edge of the table make the light that they were almost invisible, but at the same time it was convenient to cut name cards.
In the table, enter the required text. This is usually the name, contact information and job title. Diversify your card can figure, but it is necessary to choose depending on color or black and white printer you use.
After template business cards ready, you need to replicate it on a blank sheet. For this you can copy once and then paste (key combination + and +, respectively. Can use a little trick that will speed up the process. First, copy the first card and insert it into the sheet, then two, then four and so on.
After the document business cards created, proceed to the final stage - the printing business cards. The process of printing is different from printing a regular text document. Send the print job and wait until our electronic version will not be paper. It remains only to cut the cards and put them in the holder.