You will need
  • Printer
  • Typography
In order to print business cards, you need a layout that will be used for printing. The layout of business cards you can design and paint yourself, and you can turn to professional designers. Usually the card layout contains the following data: logo, name, activity, name, surname, patronymic, position, contacts.
After making layouts of business cards can be printed at home, in the presence of the printer. It is best to print them on special thick paper business cards. The only difficulty of making business cards at home is a smooth cut of the edges of the card.
If no printer at home, you can take a layout and print your business cards in the nearest Internet club or institution with a paid listing. Just in case you need to take heavy paper.
In that case, if the cards need a lot, it is best to print them in the printing. For this you need to choose the typography, to convey the layout by e-mail or in person and request copies of the cards.