You will need
  • -canvas;
  • -color printer;
  • -the spray gun;
  • knife;
  • Lac.
First of all, you need an appropriate canvas, suitable for printing, and a color printer, such as EPSON. The printer can be purchased at any store with electrical appliances, but over the canvases need to go to the shops photo. Fit linen canvas of the firm Lomond. The required size of canvas - A4 size.
Print a stack of the canvas to print. Spread the leaves and keep them under pressure, otherwise the warp sheet and the printer head jammed on some fragments of the picture. Just before to fill the sheet in the printer, spray it with the back of the spray bottle to lightly wet and not going in some places.
Choose a suitable picture for printing. Note that her weight must be sufficient to print A4. Otherwise the drawing is not clear and broken down into pixels. Then set the printer to color printing, to improve the result on the printer is better to put the setting "paper for high resolutions". In printers of EPSON it is better to specify that the inserted paper - Epson Matte Heviweight. Minimum resolution, which should you choose - 1440, but much better - 2880.
If you want to make a picture that exceeds the size of the sheet format, you should do the following: print with an overlap of one inch (i.e., each fragment must echo one centimeter already printed fragment), then glue the leaves to the cardboard overlap, aligning the image. At the junction of the drawing an extra piece of canvas cut with a sharp knife for paper. Conn fragment.
The resulting work is cover with a special gel or varnish, reinforcing the similarity of the photos with the painting. These goods can be purchased at art stores that sell art paper. Note that the gel adds texture to the picture better than varnish.