You will need
  • laser or inkjet printer
  • - self adhesive A4 paper
  • - image to create stickers
  • - graphic editor
Go to any well-known graphics editor, for example, CorelDrow.
Determine the approximate size of the required labels and how many labels you want to place on a single sheet of the desired format, for example A4. In order to make it easier to deal with this, take a clean sheet and draw on it a rectangle of that size in which you would like to see the sticker. Or measure the subject matter, which is intended to label, for example, a jar for spices. Let's say you need sticker of size 5 by 5 cm
How to find out how many stickers can fit on a sheet? Paper size is A4 - 21 by 29.7 cm Subtract from the height and width of the sheet one by one centimeter - they do not take into account, since most printers when printing leaves a field of about 5 mm from each edge. You will have 20 to 28.7 inches. Divide the remaining width of the sheet to the width of the sticker is 20/5 = 4. This means, the width of the sheet you can put five stickers. Do the same with the height of the sheet and the height of the sticker. In this example, the height you can put in a sheet of five stickers, will be 3.7 cm extra.
Create a rectangle the size of your future label. Set the rectangle to a thin stroke that is different from the main background of the sticker. Develop a layout of the first label - select a background, apply the lettering, add a picture if needed.
If stickers will be of the same type, create layouts other labels on the basis of the layout first. Copy it and edit it to make any necessary changes. Or, if all labels must be the same, just copy the layout as many times as necessary. Place your stickers next to each other - so they will be easier to cut.
Once the sheet is filled, take it to print. Put in your printer sheet of self-adhesive paper. When you do this, be careful not to confuse the front side of the sheet, which has performed printing and protective layer that peels away before applying the sticker to the surface. If you have an inkjet printer, then put in a sheet of the desired party is not difficult. But in some laser printers you need to put the leaves face down, as they turn over the paper. If you print on plain paper, on it is possible not to think. But in the case of “adhesive” error will lead to the deterioration of the sheet.
Sending the sheet to print, select the printer dialog right kind of paper, that is “Stickers”. Correctly specify the format (in the case of the present example is A4 and orientation is portrait or landscape.
Cut printed stickers using scissors or a cutter office.