Advice 1: What does the sales Department

Sales are the ultimate goal of business, as they allow you to profit. Therefore, the sales Department is one of the most important in the structure of the organization, as the actions of his employees and the head ultimately determines the profitability of the company.
What does the sales Department

Why selling is important?

Sales in business is not only the direct exchange of goods for money, but almost all the activity focused on making a profit. Sales represent the final stage of the operation of the enterprise, regardless of whether it's services or produces goods. It is obvious that the efficiency of the sales Department affects the whole company, therefore the competent organization of such a Department is an important component of a successful business.

Unfortunately, many leaders do not understand the specifics of the sales Department, often confusing them with the Department for work with clients. Of course, the responsibility of sales is to find new customers and maintain contact with the old one, but we must not forget that the main task of the Department is sales, i.e. transactions. Ideally, the sales Manager should give calls and meetings with potential clients more than 80% of the time, and the rest to spend on the preparation of documentation and planning. In reality, it often happens that instead of the sales Manager is responsible for advertising, accounting, support and consulting clients.
The job of a sales Manager is one of the most stressful, as it involves constant contact with people and convincing them of the need to make a deal.

Structure of the sales Department

As a rule, the structure of the division of sales is as follows: the head of Department is a supervisor, supervising employees and planning the work of the Department, and in subjection to him – several managers on directions, travel Manager and the Manager taking orders. Such an organization leads to the fact that managers are forced to implement the entire cycle - from promotional activities to processing contracts. Of course, the sales Department can carry out its work and in this form, however, this leads to inefficient use of time, because each employee is forced to constantly switch between different tasks.
Sales – foreign term, used in this sense only in the plural. In the Russian language the closest synonym would be sales.

A more effective form of organization of the sales Department is the following scheme: the two main groups of managers (in active sales and work with regular customers) obey their superiors, and the head of Department works directly with them. In addition, the head reports directly to the Manager of workflow and taking orders. Finally, there are some "serving" institutions that operate in collaboration with sales Department: accountants, logisticians, marketers, advertisers, support. As a result, the sales staff have the opportunity to devote all their working time finding clients and closing deals, rather than to deal with various related problems.

Advice 2: What does the Manager

The word "Manager" became very famous at the present time. But the meaning of the word on weekdays is long lost. Actually, the Manager is an employee of the company that manages its personnel, as well as key issues of the company.
What does the Manager

What does the project Manager

Project Manager – employee lower level. Often engaged in the distribution of work among its employees and evaluating their performance. Also the responsibility of the project Manager includes a duty to report to management on the tasks assigned to it Department.

What does the middle Manager

Middle management – supervises two or more lower-level employees, under his command. Such managers usually solve problems of operational-tactical level, appointed a top Manager.

What does a top Manager

Senior Manager- employee senior managers. Tasks aimed at solving the strategic goals of the company. Basically subject only to the management or Board of Directors of the company. Top managers are subordinate directly to the heads of departments or units. They work only in large or medium-sized enterprises.

What does the HR Manager

HR Manager – ordinary cadre, but with other functions. His responsibilities included recruitment of staff, training, adaptation, and monitoring of compliance with all labour legislations.

What does the sales Manager

The sales Manager is only concerned with selling their business. His responsibilities included maintaining a customer base, building trusting relationships with suppliers, conclusion of contracts and contracts. Recruit only competent managers capable of working in difficult situations and not afraid to sacrifice their weekends. The salary of the sales Manager develops due to the developments of sales in the current month can vary from 15,000 to 45,000 rubles, depending on its classification and experience at this place. In small companies they are usually called sellers.

What does a personal Manager

Personal Manager – employee of the company, which accompanies the key customer. Its main task is to provide the client with complete and reliable information about the company. A personal Manager also increases the level of trust of the client and ease of maintenance. His main role in the work – to be a mediator between your firm and the client.

What does the office Manager

Work office Manager is concentrated mainly in the office. He deals with small matters relevant only to his office or place where he works, such as, for example, the organization of water delivery and office supplies. The salary of the employee is fixed and not affected by anything, and generally do not exceed 15,000 rubles.

Advice 3: How to open a Department in the store

Entrepreneur making his way in trade, not always dare to immediately open their own shop. And then he decides to rent a small commercial space in a shopping center and open division. Thus the businessman-beginner should know specific rules and sequence of actions.
How to open a Department in the store
Spend your own market research in shopping Mall or store where you plan to open the Department. Specify the number of dots already offers buyers something that you want to trade. It is possible that the results of your research will point you to the presence of the store is quite a large number of departments with this product. In this case, you, first, can arrange sales of highly effectively so that competitors will not make you interference, and secondly, can make a decision to trade something else. Be sure to inspect your designated rental space in the store so as not to duplicate goods fellow competitors. All this is necessary to clarify and find out at an early stage to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.
Check with the administrator of the rental price of one square meter, and if the price suits you, let them know you are ready to open your Department. Go to execute the necessary documents.
Before going to the tax office make a business plan. At this point, you should decide exactly what will sell and how to arrange deliveries. Calculate the volume of future costs to repair the premises (if necessary), trading equipment, rental, first batch of product, as well as the amount of possible revenue. Don't forget to take into account unforeseen expenses. In the procurement of industrial goods may get defective products and, accordingly, the write-down. A competent business plan will allow you to evaluate how effective and profitable it can be to your business. If your calculations show the excess of the amount that was planned for the opening of the Department and which you have in stock, try to cut the first batch of the goods or take a loan.
Go to the tax office and complete documents. It is best to contact the consultant who is in any branch of UFSN. He will tell you what documents you must gather and submit to the tax authorities to obtain the status of individual entrepreneur with the right to carry out its activities in the field of trade. Perfect execution of the consultant's recommendations will save you from trouble by checking the services in the first days of work.
Present the store administrator permits. Pay the rent. Then enjoy the purchase of commercial equipment, if the store does not provide it, and design the retail space.
If you intend to trade and keep accounts themselves, personnel no longer the issue. But if you need a salesman, storekeeper, accountant, get the search. Advertise in the local newspaper, radio and TV. Try to accept people with recommendations, with appropriate education and experience in the trade.
Organize advertising. Order beautiful sign, set next to the Department, if possible, light boxes (light boxes) and small billboards. Print business cards and flyers, distribute them in-store or on the street. Over time, it is wise to consider and apply a system of discounts and discount cards for regular customers. Make a themed website and start promoting the product online. You will be able to use this platform as a good basis for creating an online store that with good marketing increases sales.

Advice 4: How to organize the work of sales Department

A large part of all organizations that either sells. Therefore, its material well-being will directly depend on the quality of work of Department of sales. To get the most out of this Department, you need to competently organize the entire process.
How to organize the work of sales Department
You will need
  • a phone, a computer, a program for the conservation of calls.
Type in a staff of professionals who have worked with managers in the salesof am and have good reviews from previous jobs.
Distribute portions of the city, region or country (depending on what regions you're working) between employees. Everyone should be responsible for their territory and not to touch clients of another Manager.
The map division of the city into sections
Conduct regular training and certification on knowledge of product and methods of sales. At least once in 6 months to arrange the examination for all employees. If the Manager does not pass the exam, you can fire him. This will give incentive to the rest of the staff for better quality work. Never dismiss from more than 30% of the team - it could face a decline in sales until, until you find a replacement.
Set the minimum plan amount of sales (it should not be too high). Reduce wages for those who have not complied with it during the reporting period, and increase for those who achieved the best results.
Install strict accountability for the work performed. Better if all calls and meetings managers will bring to the table, one a graph which will count the results. Such records should be turned in weekly not daily to better see the result.
Report example <b>sales</b>am
Monitor telephone conversations of employees. It is better to install a program, fixing and keeping all calls. Disassemble the causes of failures for each case.
Once a year give out a major prize to the most effective employee. It will be a good incentive and will not allow the team to relax.
Throw a corporate holiday, at least every few months. This will unite the team.
How to organize <em></em> <strong>Department</strong> <b>sales</b>
Monitor free time managers. 90% of the work day, a worker must spend in meetings, otherwise a good result will be difficult to achieve. Managers, sales should not engage in extraneous matters. To configure the computer, order office supplies and deliver the documents shall other employees. Make it so that the only task of the Department of sales was to sell.
Inform that at the beginning of each month, staff must provide a plan of sales. It is, of course, will be very approximate, but will help at least a little to assess the coming month. Making final plans for the future, human factors and slightly reduce the expected number of sales.
Provide employees with quality items for work. For example, a phone, a connection which periodically disappears, can cause the failure of the transaction. And obsolete computer increases costs over time.
When hiring a sales person on the job make a call to his previous place of service and learn more about it information.
Useful advice
The most productive method has always been the carrot and the stick. Adhering to it, you too will be able to obtain the quality of staff work.
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