Advice 1: How to buy rubbing alcohol at the pharmacy

Thanks to the lovers to use alcohol-containing medications misused and drink them for their health (or rather, at the expense of his health), ordinary citizens ethyl alcohol to buy in the drugstore though, but very difficult. For them there are several ways.
How to buy rubbing alcohol at the pharmacy

Purchase problems medical alcohol

Unfortunately, from the prohibition of free sale of ethanol in pharmacies suffer alcoholics, how many ordinary citizens, many of which (especially "the core") I can not use previously used their treatments, recipes for which required ethanol.
Retail sale of ethyl alcohol in Russia has been prohibited since 2005 (with the exception of the far North).

Pure alcohol is to buy it at the pharmacy not long ago. Instead on sale there are special tools that do the job of disinfection of wounds and instruments is much better than alcohol; besides, unlike the latter, they are suitable only for external application and not for ingestion.

The doctor has the right to prescribe the patient is usually only 50 grams of alcohol, and only for injection. Received from the doctor prescription citizen must be ordered at the prescription Department of pharmacy (where manufacture drugs) prescribed amount of alcohol.

It would seem that if you have a familiar doctor or pharmacist, the situation is very sad

Some ways to buy rubbing alcohol

However, in real life, you can face the fact that in some cities there are pharmacies that sell ethanol, and some of them even sell it without a prescription. But in this case you should consider that a significant role for a successful sale will play the appearance of a citizen who wants to buy a medicine. Frankly bongiorno and similar to the alcoholic the subject is unlikely to be lucky enough to get that much alcohol.

Also much more likely to be found in pharmacies drug called "Medical antiseptic solution", which is essentially the same rubbing alcohol. The ethanol content of equal 95-96%, and the remaining 4-5% are accounted for distilled water.
Medical antiseptic solution used as a universal local antiseptic and vasodilator.

If the Apothecary alcohol in any form does not work, you can try to find the title in other similar sources. For example, it often happens that medical alcohol is available in stores medical engineering or cosmetic chemistry.


Note that rubbing alcohol is a little different from drinking. Medical alcohol is produced by dilution with distilled water categories IN the alcohol category 1 (non-food). Therefore, drugs containing a large amount of alcohol, usually a reminder "Only for external use". However, if rubbing alcohol is used in recipes in a corresponding disease, they can not be poisoned.

Advice 2: Where to buy drinking distilled water

The production process of distilled water is rather complicated. Currently, this product can be purchased in some stores and drugstores. Water is sold in cans and bottles, made of food-grade polymeric material.
Where to buy drinking distilled water

Properties of distilled water

Call this distilled water, in which almost no impurities. In nature it is found in the form of dew, melting snow. Such water can be obtained in industrial scale. This manufacturers carry out the distillation process. At a certain temperature the water evaporates, and then condenseries on the cooling surface. In this case, all the impurities and salts remain in the original container. The process of industrial distillation complex. It may be held only in the presence of expensive equipment.

Where to buy

Distilled water is used in various fields of modern life. It is used the operation of vehicles, repair of household appliances, as well as for food purposes. Most often this product is useful as a solvent. Distilled water has found wide application in medicine.
The distillate must be used in those cases when you want to avoid any chemical reactions between the salts present in normal water and some other substance.

The distillate can be bought at the auto parts store, auto repair, service appliances. But in such places, as a rule, sold a technical product. From drinking water to industrial production and it is different kind of packing. In the process of production of drinking water, use only food packaging materials from various polymers.

Drinking the distillate can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. Modern manufacturers produce such water in bottles and cans of different volumes.
Drinking distilled water is often used for dissolved tablets and drug powders.

Residents of large cities can enjoy water at home. Currently on the Internet you can find information about the provision of such services. Generally, companies offer free shipping, if the buyer orders a certain quantity of goods.

Can I drink distilled water

Distilled water is not intended for constant use as a beverage. Ordinary water is rich in salts and other mineral compounds that are required by the human body.

Long-term consumption of distilled water can lead to brittle bones, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems with blood vessels. Especially not recommended to drink water like children. To build bone, they just need minerals and natural salts contained in ordinary water.

For drinking purposes should be to acquire purified water but not distilled. It is also useful to drink water from natural sources.

Advice 3: Sell it in the drugstore rubbing alcohol

Some drugs in the pharmacy are dispensed freely, and some can only be purchased by prescription. Different money people need for the treatment of diseases, treatment of wounds and other procedures. One of the remedies is rubbing alcohol, which can be purchased everywhere.
Sell it in the drugstore rubbing alcohol

Selling pure alcohol

Already quite a lot of time in Russian pharmacies prohibited the free sale pure rubbing alcohol without help from a doctor. In some pharmacies rubbing alcohol do not sell at all. However, there are various analogs that have exactly the same properties as pure rubbing alcohol. For example, freely sold in pharmacies formic alcohol. A prescription for consumption of pure alcohol is usually prescribed for appointment injections for injection.

One bottle of pure medical alcohol is fifty milliliters. This is the maximum dose that can be prescribed by a doctor. For now, pure rubbing alcohol is a drug. To replace him came other disinfecting means. Medical pure alcohol in pharmacies, but even in some hospitals.

Medical alcohol

Early medical alcohol obtained in the fermentation of food raw materials, such as molasses, sugar, potatoes and grain. Such alcohol is called rectified. Commodity alcohol can be of three different types of raw, rectified and alcohol double rectification. Now a huge amount of ethanol is produced by hydration of ethylene or by hydrolysis of plant materials. Some part of ethyl alcohol is for medical purposes and another part is added to the alcoholic products. Medical drug alcohol composition is ninety five percent. Rubbing alcohol is a colorless flammable liquid, which when burning has the blue flame. Rubbing alcohol mixes perfectly with other substances.

Medical alcohol due to its pharmacological qualities is a drug. Particularly sensitive to the components of rubbing alcohol to the Central nervous system and the cells of the cerebral cortex. Alcohol in medicine take to disinfect or as antiseptic. In addition, the drug has an irritating effect that you may need in some cases for the manipulation. It is also impossible to do injections without the presence of rubbing alcohol.

The use of rubbing alcohol

Medical alcohol is the base for many liqueurs and medicines. This is usually the remedies. In medicine alcohol is used also as anti-inflammatory remedy for boils on the outer skin. With the help of medical alcohol is disinfected boils, mastitis and various infiltrates. Alcohol rubs hands surgeon before surgery. Lotions made with rubbing alcohol are used to reduce the temperature of the patient.
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