What does the project Manager

Project Manager – employee lower level. Often engaged in the distribution of work among its employees and evaluating their performance. Also the responsibility of the project Manager includes a duty to report to management on the tasks assigned to it Department.

What does the middle Manager

Middle management – supervises two or more lower-level employees, under his command. Such managers usually solve problems of operational-tactical level, appointed a top Manager.

What does a top Manager

Senior Manager- employee senior managers. Tasks aimed at solving the strategic goals of the company. Basically subject only to the management or Board of Directors of the company. Top managers are subordinate directly to the heads of departments or units. They work only in large or medium-sized enterprises.

What does the HR Manager

HR Manager – ordinary cadre, but with other functions. His responsibilities included recruitment of staff, training, adaptation, and monitoring of compliance with all labour legislations.

What does the sales Manager

The sales Manager is only concerned with selling their business. His responsibilities included maintaining a customer base, building trusting relationships with suppliers, conclusion of contracts and contracts. Recruit only competent managers capable of working in difficult situations and not afraid to sacrifice their weekends. The salary of the sales Manager develops due to the developments of sales in the current month can vary from 15,000 to 45,000 rubles, depending on its classification and experience at this place. In small companies they are usually called sellers.

What does a personal Manager

Personal Manager – employee of the company, which accompanies the key customer. Its main task is to provide the client with complete and reliable information about the company. A personal Manager also increases the level of trust of the client and ease of maintenance. His main role in the work – to be a mediator between your firm and the client.

What does the office Manager

Work office Manager is concentrated mainly in the office. He deals with small matters relevant only to his office or place where he works, such as, for example, the organization of water delivery and office supplies. The salary of the employee is fixed and not affected by anything, and generally do not exceed 15,000 rubles.