No modern edition can't do without selling advertising space, which is the main income of almost any publishing house. The profession of advertising Manager in the newspaper has a lot of nuances, but after the widespread dissemination of the Internet, it could be called a difficult profession that requires endurance and determination. The agent or Manager is the essential publication for the sale of advertising space. The duties of this professional include, first of all, the customer's search and conclusion of contracts. Your income advertising Manager receives from a percentage of the amount by which the order is entered. In some cases, a worker can count on a salary and interest, which gives some stability, but it is much more profitable for the employer.

What is the duty of the advertising Manager in the newspaper and what qualities one must possess for this job

Advertising Manager works with people, and the primary responsibility is to persuade a potential customer to the signing of the contract. As a consequence, the Manager needs to be always neat, pleasant to talk to and fully understand the specifics of their work. When selling advertising, you need to focus on the profile of his publications. So, if a newspaper is devoted to automotive topics, then you need to visit with suggestions of all of the organizations working in this field. In this case we should not think narrowly that it is possible to sell advertising space not only car dealers and gas stations, and car washes, services, sellers sunglass optics for motorists, as well as lawyers, owners of roadside motels, eateries and so on.
About selling the product need to know everything. A good option would be to stock up an Arsenal of examples of successful advertising campaigns of competitors, because this approach is much more effective than speculation and persuasion.
Before you begin, you need to write out all the areas that are affected by the publication. A list to be truly impressive, and the work will be much easier, because in some rapids with no competition.

The basic rule of advertising Manager in the newspaper

More than half of people are not able to withstand the initial rejection. This trait should definitely be alien to the seller ads in the newspaper. Only persistence can help to earn in this field. But we should not confuse persistence with persistence. Money on advertising the client is always there.
The potential customer does not need to sell numbers and statistics, the more it is a bad buy. Need to sell the success, growth and recognition. Selling advertising, you need to remember that you are not a percentage of the transaction.
Just not ready to part with them, albeit the benefit of the business. The first meeting with the client should be easy and be like the birth of friendship. Then success is guaranteed.