Your Department should be a team, which unite the common goals and objectives. Plan and shall describe all processes which are carried out by your Department and secure for each person clearly defined responsibilities. Talk to everyone, explain to the employee the range of problems that need to be addressed to him and emphasize how important his job for the whole team.
For the solution of some specific tasks, create groups of employees of his Department, given their psychological makeup and personality of each. With this approach, these "micro-groups" will take care of itself and to carry out the work with maximum efficiency.
To employees of the Department understand and see the common task, were interested in its implementation, conduct weekly or monthly meetings in which employees will analyze the done work and to outline steps that must be performed for the next reporting period. At these planning meetings, the team will be able to see and appreciate the contribution of everyone, so those wishing to bring their colleagues not to perform work in time, will be less.
The great thing is motivation. When your employees will be interested in the outcome of the labor Department, will increase significantly and impact. You, as head of the Department, have the opportunity to influence the amount of remuneration. Use this opportunity to encourage along with verbal gratitude. They are also important for your subordinates, who will know that their work is noticeable and the effort is appreciated.
Don't ever make Pets and favorites. The staff must know that monetary value of labour of each member depends on the quality of the execution of the assigned job.