Identify the group to which a structural unit. Experts in the organization of labor is divided into three major groups: administrative offices, manufacturing and service.
Administrative offices include the management (CEO, head of departments, deputies), accounting, Secretariat, personnel office. In small organizations, an administrative unit may combine all the services that are not directly involved in production. To designate them more suited generalizing name: Directorate, administration, administrative staff, etc.
Production are those structural units, which are addressing different tasks in the framework of the basic directions of activity of the enterprise or organization. This is the largest group of units. It consists of several levels: management, Department, service, division, sector.
Offices and departments often called by field of activity: management of Finance, management and planning, personnel management, Department of marketing and public relations, etc.
In large organizations management is divided into departments. These small structural units ensure the performance of specific tasks in the framework of global trends. Their names should reflect the area of responsibility of the unit. There is virtually no restrictions, the main thing is to avoid feeling confusion and duplication of functions. So, within personnel management are: the Department of personnel development Department of the organization and protection of labor, Department of regulation and payment of labour, etc.
The division into sectors is uncommon. It makes sense in the case when a particular area of work is very important for the organization and requires a special control. In the name of the sector reflect its specific function, for example, the sector payroll in the accounting Department.
Industrial enterprises used such names production of structural units, which indicate their products: the Department of primary textile processing, foundry shop for production of sausages, turning, workshop, etc.
Support units are engaged in economic activity and ensure the safety of the enterprise or organization. Most often referred to as offices or divisions: security, administrative Department, supply Department, etc.
Do not use the title of structural units of ambiguous concepts, foreign words. Do not make the phrase too long, otherwise it will be difficult to remember. Optimal use of 3-4 words.