Causes of discomfort in the genital area of the lips

Itching and burning of the genitals can be triggered by various reasons which include the following:

1. Depilation intimate areas by special means that can cause women individual intolerance of certain components of the drug.

2. Frequent wearing of tight underwear that helps to increase friction on the genitals and cause itching.

3. Using the wrong type of sanitary pads during menstruation.

4. Allergic reaction to means for intimate hygiene.

5. The presence of sexually transmitted infections.

6. Hormonal disturbances occurred on the background of diabetes, thyroid disease, pregnancy, critical days, menopause.

7. Frequent stress and strong emotions.

8. The use of certain groups of medicines, for example, antibiotics.

9. The presence of vaginal dysbiosis, which contributes to the development of antibiotics and reduced immunity.

If you experience itching and burning of the labia it is important to determine the cause of discomfort. Discomfort can be the result of complex infectious diseases.

Action with itching and burning of the labia

First, you need to change underwear, strip and observe the reaction of his body for several days. You can try to change the means for intimate hygiene.

It is important to observe rules of personal hygiene, systematically undercut to the genitals are kept clean. This will give an opportunity to eliminate the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria, contributing to the emergence of various diseases of female sexual sphere.
You need to wash at least 2 times a day.

With the disappearance of unpleasant sensations after such events, can be considered a cause of itching and burning of the labia found. If no change is observed, it is recommended to contact a gynecologist to clarify the true causes of discomfort.
If necessary, the gynecologist can refer you to other professionals. This may be an endocrinologist, dermatologist and others.

In the process of examination should be prepared for the relevant inspection in the mirrors, the holding of bacterioscopy and culture on the flora of the swabs from the genitals, blood clinical and biochemical analysis, and clinical analysis of urine. The results of the survey will be administered complex therapy of this disease.