Causes of thrush
The causative agent of thrush is Candida that is why yeast infection called Candida vaginitis or simply candidiasis. The disease is infectious in nature, so it is, as other infections can affect the health of the fetus, respectively, to treat it is necessary and the sooner the better. In addition, in the last trimester to get rid of thrush and it is necessary for mom because Candida dry the cavity of the vagina, which can then be treated in the numerical gaps in time delivery.
Thrush is manifested with reduced immunity, wearing synthetic and tight underwear, irregular, irrational nutrition, taking certain hormonal drugs, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, candidiasis is sexually transmitted. Pregnant manifestations of the disease worsen and occur at an accelerated pace, and its occurrence in pregnant women is often justified by changes in hormonal status, leading to disruption of the vaginal flora.
Symptoms of thrush: a rich, cheesy discharge with an unpleasant sour smell, strong itching and burning in the genital organs. Exacerbation of symptoms begins after the water treatment, intercourse, and night. Despite the presence of the above symptoms, it is necessary to pass a swab for the presence of Candida and only then to start treatment, because the same symptoms can be caused by other infectious diseases.
Treatment is limited by the condition of pregnancy will not cure Candida, but will eliminate the symptoms, which can harm the woman and fetus. Must be treated, and sexual partner, and sexual acts at the time of treatment must be protected by condoms.
The man is allowed to adopt all available effective drugs pregnant of tablet treatment is allowed "Pimafucin", which, even in large doses, may not bring harm, as well as local medicines. These include special creams and vaginal suppositories containing nystatin and pimafucin. The use of preparations containing clotrimazole (canesten) is not valid. Definitely together with drugs prescribed multivitamins and drugs that strengthen the immune system.
In addition to medicamentous treatment it is necessary to highlight a folk remedy: douching and baths with a solution of soda, infusion of calendula and oak bark. Also quite effective is the treatment of the walls of the vagina with a swab moistened with a solution of borax in glycerin or regular paint. This method mechanically removes the mycelium of fungi.