Disease Lipshutz-Chapin observed in girls and young women, its emergence is not associated with sexual life. It is believed that the incidence of bacteria and the development of sores on labia is secondary symptoms large aftosa of Touraine, since the formation of ulcers on the external genitals often associated with aphthae (a small rounded ulceration) of the oral cavity and aphthae on the skin in the form of follicles, polymorphous rash (represented simultaneously the various elements).
There are several forms of the disease. Acute miliary sores on labia have the appearance of multiple small painful ulcers. They are surrounded by an inflammatory halo and covered with pus. The lesions have a soft consistency and slopes to merge. They usually appear on the edge of the labia majora, and sometimes the perineum and the inner surface of the labia minora. Enclopedia of acute genital ulcers resemble chancroid. They can be superficial and deep, have a soft consistency, round or irregular in shape.
Education can be corroded edges tend to merge and grow. Often they form defects on the skin, in the touch there is pain. Gangrenous form of acute genital ulcers in women is accompanied by burning pain. Deep formations on the inner surfaces of the labia minora, they are covered with dark or grayish yellow scab. The forecast is favorable.
With the appearance of ulcers on the external genitals, symptomatic treatment is prescribed. Careful hygienic care of the skin of the external genitalia. Use trays with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, make powder mixtures "Anaethesia" with sulfa drugs. Use of ointment with anti-microbial components and reparants ("Betadine", "nasal spray"). It is possible to use vaginal suppositories with the "Lorella", sea buckthorn oil.
Prescribed injections "Economically" or "Penicillin" - 3 000 000 - 5 000 000 on the course. Perform sessions of irradiation with lamp Minin. Use immunotropic funds, desensitizing preparations, if necessary, use eubiotics. Administered gamma globulin in combination with vitamins A, E, V.
For the treatment of gangrenous form use of antibiotics-cephalosporins (for example, "Ceftriaxone"), or fluoroquinolones ("Tarivid"). When expressed pain syndrome intramuscularly administered analgesics ("Baralgin", "Analgin", etc.) in combination with "Diphenhydramine". Recommended and proteolytic enzymes "Trypsin", "Himopsin".