The list of tools for removing nail Polish

There are a huge number of professional gentle means for removing nail Polish. However, there are times when the liquid has ended, and to erase the decorative coating of the nails is a must. In such situations you may appreciate a list of tools to remove nail Polish at home:

Nail Polish. Take a regular nail Polish, apply a thick layer on top of the old cover and quickly erase. Old varnish layer will be removed along with the new.

Bath with hot water. This method is effective for the weak structure of the nail plate. Pour into the container of hot water, but not boiling water. Put in her hands for 15 minutes. After this time, if the varnish becomes soft, gently clean it with a sharp instrument.

Perfume. With the composition of the perfume includes the same components as the liquid for removing nail Polish, but your nails will have a fragrant smell. Dampen a cotton ball with perfume, firmly press the nail, hold it for 1 minute and wipe them painted nail.

Alcohol. This is one of the most effective means. In addition, it has antibacterial properties.
Note, however, that alcohol dries the nails.

Toothpaste. Squeeze a bit of paste from the tube, RUB the nail surface and gently wipe it with a cloth.

Lacquer (mousse) hair. With it, you also will not be difficult to quickly remove the old varnish.

Bath of a mixture of 9% vinegar and sparkling water. For 10 minutes, lower the nails in this mixture and then rinse them under running water and remove the nail Polish using a cotton disk.

But in addition to knowledge than to wipe the nail, it is necessary to learn how to remove it properly. For this you can use detailed instructions from professional artists.

How to remove nail Polish with nail

Wash and dry hands. Lay a paper towel on the surface where you plan to conduct this procedure, and take spare cotton pads (or cotton balls). Wet the disk with a liquid varnish remover and apply to nail surface. Press a cotton pad and hold for 30 seconds.

Slowly, pressing firmly on a cotton pad, slide it in the direction of growth of the nail. If the paint for the 1st slide has worn off only partially, repeat the procedure for removing the decorative cover over.
In conclusion, wash your hands with warm water and soap and brush the moisturizer.

The remaining lacquer in the area of the cuticle is best removed by using cotton balls. This procedure is identical to that described above. Moisten a cotton ball, apply to the remaining varnish, soak a while and gently swipe around the edge of the nail.

Save your hands!