If you want to wash the stains left by nail Polish, do the following. Soak a cotton swab with liquid varnish remover. If possible, use liquid nail Polish remover without acetone. This will reduce the probability to spoil the surface. Then gently scour the stain. Try that liquid would fall only on the area you are cleaning.
After the stain remove, moisten a cotton pad with water with a small amount of liquid dishwashing and clean place, which is purified from the lacquer. Rinse the foam and wipe dry.
If you want to wash the stains left on the car tinting with lacquer, do the following. Take a tool for cleaning sewer pipes MOLE or brake fluid DOT 4.Dampen a cloth and put it on the lantern.
Repeat this process once an hour, until the paint holds up. Then wipe it off. This method is used, modelers argue that plastic does not deteriorate.
If you want to wash the stains left by the varnish on the glass, do the following. Take solvent and a sharp chisel. Moisten the glass and remove the paint with a chisel. Then re-wipe with solvent and wipe the glass dry with newspaper. However, this procedure is not fast.
Here's a bit more about removing nail Polish on different surfaces. Remove fresh stains with turpentine, gasoline, benzene, kerosene. Hardened stains gently remove the crust with a knife, be careful not to damage the fabric. Then preterite solvent and rinse with water. Repeat this procedure.
You can use a mixture of gasoline with acetone or turpentine in equal parts. Moisten this mixture the spot, and after half an hour, wipe with a cloth dampened in this mixture.
Stains on white fabric grease for a few hours a paste made of equal parts of turpentine, ammonia and chalk powder. Then wipe with a cloth moistened with acetone, gasoline or turpentine.
Inveterate stains of oil paint wet with turpentine. After softening the paint clean with a strong solution of baking soda and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
The oil finish is removed with a mixture of acetone and denatured alcohol in the ratio of 2:1