The advantages of shellac

Shellac is made on the basis of a special Biogel. Externally, before applying to the nail plate, it is practically no different from the usual nail Polish. But since shellac is gel based, and it dries under an ultraviolet lamp, not the air.

Gel Polish shown to the owners of thin and brittle nails. This cover perfectly protects the nail surface from splitting and breaking. It does not cause allergies, and its composition does not include harmful tar and formaldehyde.

The main advantage of shellac is the durability. The coating can last on the nail plate is not less than a month. Variety of colors allows you to do a manicure for every taste.

Remove shellac from nails

In order to remove the gel lacquer at home, you will need cotton pads, foil, nail file, acetone or liquid for removal of varnish based on it, cuticle sticks, Scotch tape or a band-aid. The procedure of removing shellac is very similar to removing acrylic nails. The only difference is that because their nails, and trim do not have to.

Cotton pads should be cut into several pieces, so they are easy to put on each nail plate. Foil tape should be of such length so you can wrap the finger.

A cotton pad to soak in the liquid for removing varnish and apply on the nail. The skin around the nails was not damaged before the procedure is recommended to grease it with a fat cream. On top of the thumb need to wrap with foil and secure with tape to better kept.
Acetone, though in rare cases may cause an allergic reaction.

Then you have to wait 15-20 minutes. During this time, gel lacquer shellac should soften and start to move away from the nail plate.

After waiting the required amount of time, remove foil with cotton pad and quickly begin to scrape off the colored coating of each nail with a cuticle stick. To make it easier, you can release fingers from the foil all at once, and take turns. In other words, move on to the next nail should be only after previous purification.

After removal of shellac, nail Polish should be soft, non-metallic nail file. The next step is to cover the nail plate varnish strengthens.
You can use a special regenerating balm for nails.

Alternatively, remove the shellac you can for a certain amount of money at the salon. This minimizes the risk of ruining the nails. In addition, you can buy a professional remover gel. Because these compositions do not contain acetone, and home edition removing resistant coating can be completely harmless. They are used by the above scheme.