So, you already know how to apply the now trendy gel Polish, but now it's time to remove the coating. The usual way to remove it will not work - will need some skill and knowledge.

Preparation for removal of shellac

In order to remove gel Polish at home, you will need:

  • liquid nail Polish remover (the most common, even without acetone);
  • cotton pads (as an option - pieces of cotton wool or sponge);
  • foil;
  • wand to remove remnants of paint;
  • nail Polish (polishing).

Before proceeding to the actual process of removing varnish, you need to prepare everything - cut foil strips wide so that you can wrap around your finger, cut into pieces puff or cotton pads slices must be such as to close the nail.

Remove the varnish

Parse the process in stages. Take a piece of cloth (cotton) and drench in liquid varnish remover. Some use acetone. If you do not mind your so affected nails, you can use it, but it's better to stay on the liquid for removal of varnish. Then gently put the cotton wool on the nail and cover with a foil.

Foil several times to wrap around the nail, not to allow to evaporate the liquid varnish remover. Repeat this for each finger of one hand. Then you have to wait until the gel Polish the liquid for removal of varnish. Usually need at least 15 minutes. Try to shoot with one finger foil. If the gel Polish peels off in chunks from the nail and is easily removable - you can remove it from the other nails.

It is possible that in some places the Polish lasts on the nail more firmly. In order to handle these areas, we need the orange stick. The remains of her shellac removed quite easily. If you are unable to remove the gel, you need to repeat the procedure with liquid nail Polish remover and foil. But in this case you need to keep less - usually 5 minutes is enough.

The completion of the procedure

Once you have removed the varnish from all nails, it is advisable to walk on the surface of the nail polishing nail file to remove its use of the base, which survived after the liquid varnish remover and an orange stick.

This manicure is better to do this weekend to give the nails time to relax and make a useful tray or just a few hours apply oil (cream). If you are planning to do a new manicure, be sure to thoroughly degrease the nail plate.