The necessary components for removing gel Polish

To remove the gel Polish you need to purchase the liquid Polish remover containing acetone, cotton pads, foil food, a nail file and an orange spatula for cuticle care.

If you want you can buy a variety of professional products, sold in specialized stores: very disappointed for gel Polish instead of regular liquid nail Polish remover, winding instead of cotton pads. Tools do not need any special features so you can buy the simple.

How to remove gel Polish

First and foremost, you must handle the nails with a nail file to remove the top layer of varnish — gloss. This should be done carefully to avoid damaging the nail plate. Fingers to the second knuckle are lubricated any fat cream. He will not allow the acetone to soak into the skin.

Well then moisten cotton pads with liquid Polish remover and firmly apply them to the nail. A small piece of foil wrap the finger. The foil allows the disk more tightly against the nail and does not evaporate acetone. Repeat the procedure with each nail and leave on for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the gel perfectly cleanses the skin and lifts up in the form of a film. To remove it from the nail is not difficult.

Taking off the foil, working with each nail individually. If you remove it immediately from all the fingers, gel Polish can harden again. After removing the foil, push the gel Polish orange, or other wooden stick. The use of metal objects is not recommended, they can damage the nail plate. If the gel Polish did not go down fully in a few minutes, repeat the procedure. Tear off pieces of varnish impossible because of the risk of damage to the nail.

After 10-15 minutes after the procedure, polishing nail file, smooth the surface of nails with light, short movements. Nails by this point should be absolutely dry.

After all procedures wash hands with warm water and lubricate the nails with cuticle oil. Now the nails are ready to apply the new coating.

In order to restore the nail plate after removing the gel coating, you can use nail Polish with firming and revitalizing effect.

Describes the process of removing gel Polish at home is easy and does not require large expenditures. It saves time and money. Removing gel takes approximately 1 hour. If you act very carefully, nails and cuticle is not injured.

Thus, gel Polish and quality lasting manicure be more accessible for those who have no time for regular visits to the nail salon.