You will need
  • Hot water, liquid varnish remover, wire cutters, a towel.
No need to panic. Your favorite nail Polish can still be saved. He's just in the place where the cover comes into contact with the neck of the bottle, dry, tightly securing the two parts of the bottle together. The simplest thing you can do in this situation is to heat up your nail Polish. Put the bottle in a container of water and put on the stove. Bring to a boil not necessary, just a good warm up. After the lacquer heats up and becomes more plastic, the bottle can be opened. Good wipe it with a dry cloth or towel and sharply turn the cover. Should work.
If the paint has dried on the border of the bottle and you see his marks on her shoulders, you can try to open it the quick way with the help of liquid varnish remover or plain acetone. Generously soak a cotton wool and liquid nail Polish remover and cover the shoulders of the bottle in the place where the visible leak. The liquid will quickly dissolve dried lacquer on the outside, you will be able to open the bottle. By the way, if you really have to clean the bottle in this way, be sure to remove the remnants of dried Polish not only the shoulders of the bottle, but also a place where thread. It is here that most often occurs in the drying and bonding the cap to the bottle.
The third way to open a Polish – purely mechanical. If you are not near men with strong hands and you already have exhausted the last supply own imagination, you can resort to the most simple and harmless method of opening using wire cutters. Take a bottle of varnish for the handle and forcefully knock her about any solid object or surface. You need to knock the place which is dried up varnish. After a series of good strokes of the varnish films may become loose and the bottle is easier to open. Now take the wire cutters and firmly holding the bottle, begin to Unscrew the lid. The method is not especially original, but works in 99% of cases.