Deodorant and nail Polish

You can use a deodorant spray. In these funds there are special solvents that pretty well clear a stubborn substance, from markers to nail Polish.

Deodorant be sprayed as close to the nails, this should be done with caution as it can cause frostbite of fabrics. After that, wipe nails with a cloth or handkerchief. Be prepared for the fact that you'll need to repeat the procedure several times. Pay special attention to the edge of the nail, where the nail remains in large enough quantities after the first approach.

If you have transparent coating for nails, you can use it or any other Polish. It's not the most convenient way, it requires a lot of time. The fact is that already dried nail Polish under the action of the clear coat softens and can be removed with a cotton stick or disc. The tool should be applied in fairly large quantities and to remove the paint as quickly as possible.

Alternative ways

You can use perfume or body spray, they have similar properties and will help to get rid of the varnish. The chosen means need to spray on a cotton pad, try to nail him to the gun almost came. After that start this disc to RUB the nail, this should be done with the stress, but you should not place undue pressure on the nail plate to avoid damaging it. Most likely, you will have to repeat this procedure to get rid of the varnish.

Hairspray — another one for this procedure tool. However, it must be disposed of as quickly as possible because it dries quickly, leaving an unpleasant sensation on the skin.

If the nail Polish was applied long enough, you can try to hook it over the edge and carefully remove. Do it with maximum caution, so as not to damage the surface of the nail.

After removal of the varnish be sure of a warm soapy water bath for hands on at least 3-5 minutes in order to remove all used tools. You can use any disinfectant for hands.

Note that if you use a transparent coating of varnish or wool can be very messy to stick to the surface of the nail. To remove it use hair spray or deodorant spray.

It is best when using the available tools to remove the paint in a well ventilated area or even outside, to avoid high concentrations of odors.