Remember that never to strip off the artificial nails. Nothing is more damaging to your real nails, as improper removal of extensions. Gel will not depart from the nails without the top layer, so they will become brittle, dull and uneven. You should know that the procedure of removing the nails will depend on what material they are made.
Gel with nail is removed very difficult. No Acrylic Remover (special liquid used by professionals) or their acetone does not dissolve and does not soften. Gel nails can only be cut. However, this should be done very carefully. Because the boundary between natural and artificial nail is not visible even for an expert, therefore there is a risk of damage to the nail plate.
If you do decide to remove the gel from your nails at home, then do not use glass and metal saws with notches of manicure sets. Europese for this purpose is not suitable. Use the nail file abrasive 100 -150 grit. This nail is quite hard, it is meant for synthetic materials. Thanks to her, you will be able to cut the surface of the gel nail layer by layer.
In the process of removing gel nail file you may encounter a small problem: because of the nail dust is difficult to consider the surface of the natural nail. To avoid this, periodically swipe the dust with a brush and wipe the nail with a cotton pad dipped in liquid varnish remover. You will see that the natural nail and the gel is wet not the same, so the border will be clearly visible.
If the gel fails to cut, leave a small amount on nails. It's better to be a small layer, than you will damage your own nails. After the procedure the gel is completed, sand them, zapolarie, brush with cuticle oil and strengthening base coat.