Very often there are stories that after removing artificial nails, your nails become fragile and brittle, soft, flaky and start to slow down your natural growth. All of this is a result of improper removal of gel nails, and by the lack of simple rules of care for your own nail plates.


In order to get rid of the presence of the gel on the nail plate will need the following tools: nail file, clippers and a special nail file-polisher. The nail file should not be metal or glass. Choose emery nail file, and the Foundation she needs to be soft.

Goodbye nails!

Go in and remove artificial nail. For these purposes, use tweezers. Grab the part of the nail that needs to be removed and sharp movement "bites off" him. To get rid of the nail should be gently to avoid pain and discomfort. It must be remembered that the gel is a solid substance and careless and rough handling can crack, causing damage to the natural nail. Therefore, the artificial nail to the required length it is best to bring with a nail file.

In any case, do not pull, do not pull and do not attempt to lift the gel from the nail plate! Such force can be detrimental to your natural nails, which may crack or even explode from rough and improper handling.

So you got rid of the length of artificial nails. The next step will be the removal, or rather a cutting of the actual gel with the native nail plate. Sawdust should nail, covering the tip and side edges. After filing the Central part of the nail. The main thing is not to get involved in the process. In order not to damage the native nail plate, you can remove the gel completely, and to leave a thin layer.

After the process of cutting of the nail plates are complete, proceed to the processing of the remaining rough edges and irregularities with the help of a nail file - polisher. The movement should be predominantly in one direction only. Thus, it will be possible to avoid heating of the nail plate from frictional processes.

After ridding the natural nail plate from artificial materials, your nails like never need attention and special care. Gently reheat the oil that is in your home, such as olive or sunflower. Apply a thin layer on the nail plate and gently massage begin to use it. You can pre-purchase a special nail oil. Then Polish the nails with a piece of suede or specifically designed for this purpose polisher made of suede. This manipulation is carried out in order to prevent delamination of the nail plate and give a natural Shine.

Do not forget to use a nourishing cream for nails, make compresses and baths. The use of reinforcing coatings, which not only helps to strengthen the structure of the nail and intensify the processes of growth, but will also protect the nail plate from external mechanical damage.

It turns out that to remove gel nails at home easily you can own. If you use these recommendations, as a result, your natural nails will delight you with a healthy Shine, well-groomed appearance and, subsequently, the fast growth!