Coach is a highly comfortable vehicle transporting passengers over long distances.

Differences between coaches from urban and suburban bus

The coach has a number of features:

- for a long time and rare.
- can carry large amount of Luggage in a special compartment under the floor for baggage provided with shelves in the cabin;
- no standing places;
- the seat is equipped with soft armrests, the passenger can take a semi recumbent position thanks to the adjustable inclination of backrest, also the backrest of the seat is often mounted in a small folding table with Cup holder;
- every place has individual lighting and blinds ventilation;
- the bus can be equipped with chemical toilets, water dispenser, refrigerator, microwave, wet bar, wardrobe, air conditioning, and sometimes even a shower.

Safe and dangerous places in the bus

If the bus is equipped with a reliable system with advanced security or not, the passengers are trying to choose the right place in the bus so far the road was very safe and not particularly tedious.

There are a few recommendations on the selection of "safe" seats in the bus, tickets for which are most in demand:

- You should not choose the last seat in the bus because that's where plenty of Gary. After sitting in the rear seats 3-4 hours, you can get serious poisoning of the body with exhaust gases, besides there are heavily swayed. And if there is sudden braking of a bus or car accident, it's easy to jump and fly to pass to the injury.

- It is not advisable to take the first row of seats located near the door. If you notice on the windshields of buses – as much as their virtually no.
The windshield often get small stones, and in rare cases they can flash through it and injure a passenger.

- The most safe places in the coach are considered to be the place in the center of the salon, as in the crash collisions are often the front, or impact happens in the rear of the machine. Safe and those places which are located on the right side of the cabin, aisle – they are located further than others from the oncoming traffic.

- Well, the opinion of practically all the drivers single the safest place is behind the driver's seat, because in an emergency situation the person will be intuitive in the first place to save himself.