Of course, the shipment can be made by railroad, taking advantage of a baggage car. These cars are available in the compositions of passenger trains, and as a separate post and baggage train. Articles belonging to the passenger personally, are taken in accordance with railway travel document.
The checked baggage can be only to the stations on which operations are performed receiving, but no later than the point to which the passenger travels in accordance with the travel document.
Railway stations are equipped with a special Luggage compartment. There passengers can leave their Luggage in advance. On the travel document (ticket) you can bring 200 lbs of Luggage. Before sending Luggage carefully read the list of prohibited things.
The items included in the Luggage of a passenger, should have such dimensions, packing, properties to easily submerged and placed in the baggage car and caused damage to other Luggage. Upon delivery of baggage will determine its weight, and you will need to pay all costs for carriage in the station's baggage counter.
To obtain the Luggage at the destination station you will be able to exchange for the label and the relevant baggage check and presenting a travel document.
To the destination station of the passenger, the baggage may be delivered at different from your route or even in another train, which will not be listed in your travel document (the ticket).
Cargo can also be sent without the presence of a travel document (ticket). Just write a written application to the head station (station). Taken cargo from and to stations, where there is the possibility of receiving and issuing.
Cargo is dealt directly to the Parking lot of the train if the length of the Parking lot allows it to load in the car or unload either in advance, through the baggage compartment.
Upon delivery of baggage declare its value, of course, with payment of the appropriate fee. If the station to which sent the baggage, you have the appropriate vehicle, can specify the place of delivery of Luggage, and also with charging you fees.